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Dawn's Lesbian Rape_(2)

2022-09-22 00:28:12

Author’s Note: This continues the story of Dawn and me. It picks up about a month after Dawn’s Gang Rape.

Many thanks to those who have enjoyed these stories and told me about it. As for those who say these stories cannot be true, all I can say is…I was there.


Like I said when I finished the last time, Dawn had come right back to me, even though she had been gang raped and completely humiliated. It was a lot of fun, making her fuck 9 guys in one night. I was pretty amazed that she managed to keep the whole thing from her husband, considering her tits were bruised pretty good and all her holes were gaping open before we were through.

I thought about that a lot. I guess the reason he never knew is that he just didn’t pay attention. It was a strange combination of trusting her and at the same time not being suspicious about things that happened. I knew he wasn’t fucking her; she told me they only had sex twice in 6 months, and he had to be drunk for both times. She wore a t-shirt and panties to bed, so he just never noticed. Good for me, too bad for him.

I had planned on giving her a few weeks to get herself back under control before I pushed her again. But it was only a week before she was calling me to come back to my place to get fucked. Her capacity to humiliate herself was unbelievable. What else do you call it when a woman voluntarily comes into my apartment, then without a word and without being told, strips herself naked, bends over the couch, and waits to be fucked from behind, usually in her ass?

Anyway, I had talked it over with Dave, and although he wanted to “work on” her some more, we decided that it was time to see how far I could push her the other way. She needed something to get her away from her fixation on Dave, so she would be even more surprised when he returned. We came up with the perfect idea: Dawn needed another chance to fuck more than one person, but with a catch.

This time, it wasn’t going to be guys she fucked, but girls. It would be really fun to watch her be a lesbian. If nothing else, that should soften her up some more, so that when I took her to Dave’s, she would be ready to do whatever he wanted from her, without any inhibitions.

As I mentioned before, I had convinced Dawn to fuck another girl once a few months ago. But she picked the other girl, and to be honest, the girl she hooked up with was a skank. Trolling online is not the way to find a hookup. I didn’t even get to be there. I decided that this was going to be different, and I was going to get a show.

The first thing I had to do was to find the girls to play with Dawn. Fortunately, I had just the pair. A few months before, in a club downtown, I had met a blonde bisexual couple who were absolutely smoking hot. It was one of those “friend-of-a-friend” deals. We never did anything beyond talking, but they were fun to carry on and flirt with. I had stayed in touch.

Of the pair, Kristi was the more dominant. Interestingly, she was the smaller of the two. Five foot three and maybe 100 pounds soaking wet, with mid-back length blonde hair and 34C tits, she was fun, but there was some steel in her. I didn’t want to cross her. I saw her beat the shit out of a guy that kept hitting on her when she made it clear she wasn’t interested. I knew she would be up for my plan, and she could bring her other half along for the fun.

Her partner, Jess, was almost six feet tall, around 120, with long blonde hair a lot like Dawn’s and sporting 36D’s. Real ones, that just seemed to defy gravity. She really took care of herself. But she was not in charge. She would do whatever Kristi wanted, even if maybe it wasn’t her thing. I had seen her hook up with a guy only because Kristi had told her she wanted to see them fuck. I would have given a lot to have been the guy!

Both of them were in their mid 20’s and pretty much roaring through life, doing whatever the hell they wanted. Kristi especially was always on the lookout for girls she could try to convince to let their lesbian side out. She told me once that all women are latent lesbians. I don’t know if that’s true, not being a girl, but I don’t have a problem with the idea.

Anyway, I decided to call Kristi and see if she was interested. That triggered a visit, where she came over – alone – and talked the plan through with me. She looked at some pictures of Dawn and heard about her gangbang. Kristi decided on a plan for what should be a really fun night for all of us – maybe even Dawn, if she didn’t resist. I didn’t get to test Kristi’s goods, but this wasn’t about me exactly. She did agree to what I was going to get out of it, so that was something. I was willing to wait.

We got started by setting Dawn up to come out again. This time we had to make sure her husband was out of town on a Friday night. He did that sometimes, so I found out when it was and told Dawn to show up as soon as she was done with him on the phone at 10:30. That also meant deciding on her outfit for the night. I always thought with her long blonde hair that she looked great in white, so I told her to wear her white lycra club dress that barely covered her ass. Spaghetti strapped and low cut, it was super tight. It clung to her every curve and especially made her 34DDs look awesome. To those I added her thigh-high brown suede boots. They have 2 inch platforms and 8 inch heels, so they make her look absolutely amazing. It was still winter, so she covered up with a white trench coat that was just an inch or so longer than the dress.

Dawn showed up at my place, on time and dressed as she was told. She was really obedient to me. But, as always, she was having to fight herself. As soon as she came in my door, she was on my case. “I don’t like wearing this. It makes me look like a slut.”

I thought otherwise. “You look great. Relax.” I was really tempted to give her a quick fuck, but I didn’t want to mess up the plan. She looked amazing, with her hair and makeup all done, plus a full set of jewelry. I had to admit, her husband didn’t cut her short for anything that made her look hot. Great hair, great body, the clothes, the makeup, the jewelry – perfect. I still wish he had gone a bit bigger on the tits, though. What was so hard about mounting her with just a little more to get her up to F-cups, anyway?

Anyway, I grabbed her arm and headed out the door. The club Kristi had selected was about two blocks away, just around the corner. She and Jess had gotten there about an hour earlier and grabbed a good table near the dance floor. Kristi had sent me a text that everything was set, except that she and Jess were having to fend off the usual posse of guys hitting on them. While they both sometimes did guys, tonight they were waiting for Dawn.

I walked up to the club’s door with Dawn on my arm. I had made sure we were good with the bouncer at the door so there wasn’t a wait for us to get in. He ushered us past the line, which caused a few grumbles, but those are the breaks. As soon as we got inside, I immediately took Dawn’s coat from her. I was rewarded with the view I expected to get: she was cold enough from the winter night that her nipples stood straight up through the ultra-thin fabric. A cheap thrill, I know, but so what?

I steered her over to where Kristi and Jess were waiting. Kristi was wearing a metallic silver club dress with a racerback and tall black high-heel shiny boots. Jess had on a black club dress that was super revealing. I figured she had been bullied into wearing it, because she was usually the more dressed of the two. Jess’ dress really only had a front, and that was split down the middle by an inch gap and held together by 3 silver rings. There was a halter top, plus a thin string across her back, big rings on the sides, and a small cover over her ass. She also had on high-heel black boots, the kind that turn down over the knee. She looked absolutely awesome. I couldn’t wait to see her without the dress!

It didn’t take long for the girls to get talking and carrying on. I tried to stay as quiet as I could. Dawn had a drink, but only one since she was thinking she had to drive home. Good – I wanted her to remember tonight.

After a little while, Kristi got Dawn out on the dance floor. She got up against her, rubbing her tits against Dawn’s back several times. Once a few minutes had passed, Kristi motioned for Jess to come to her and take her place. I noticed Jess was very self-conscious about her dress. I don’t understand why. She looked really great to me, and every other guy in the place. So what if both sides of her tits were showing, as well as most of the rest of her? I’m sure that was Kristi’s point in selecting it for her – to show her off. Be proud of your assets!

Kristi came off the floor to talk to me. “I’m ready,” she said. “Let’s get her to your place.” Jess brought Dawn to us a few moments later. Kristi set her up well. “Let’s get out of here and find something else fun.”

I’m sure Dawn thought she meant another club. I replied, “I need to go by my place first. Ok?” Of course it was.

The walk went quickly, and soon all 4 of us were up the stairs. I shut and locked the door behind us, then pled the need to go into the other room. All the coats came off, and Dawn sat down on the couch, and Kristi got next to her, ready to slam the trap shut. Jess sat in a chair on the other side of the room, ready to do her part. I paused just beyond the doorway so I could watch and listen from the shadows.

Kristi slid over to Dawn and leaned in close behind her left shoulder. She told her, “I love your outfit, Dawn. You look good enough to eat,” with a giggle. Her hands came up to the shoulders and started caressing her gently.

Dawn sat still for a moment, unsure of what to do. “I really like your tits, too. Aren’t they great looking, Jess?”

She answered, “Yes, they are. I’d love to see them.” I could see Dawn’s chest start heaving. She had to know what was coming by now. She had too much history in this room for her to be confused as to where Kristi and Jess were going. Her body was showing signs of reacting, but I knew Dawn didn’t want to be a lesbian, so chances were pretty good she was going to resist. This was going to be her second rape in this room, but completely different from what she suffered the last time.

Kristi went on the offensive. “Well, let’s see them then.” With that, she gently slid Dawn’s straps off her shoulders, with her little fingers inside them. She pulled downward, still without a word out of Dawn.

The white lycra rolled over at the top and started down, slowly revealing half an inch, an inch, 2 inches, and more of her tits. The areoles appeared, and then there was a little snap as the nipples came out and the dress fell off the bottom of Dawn’s tits. No resistance yet. Kristi kept up the pressure. “What do you think, Jess? Do you like them?”

The reply was simple: “Yes, I want to suck them.”

Kristi put her mouth behind Dawn’s left ear and almost whispered, “Do you want her to suck your tits, Dawn?”

Dawn was quiet in response. “Please, don’t do this to me. I’m not a lesbian.”

Kristi knew the truth, though. “Have you ever been with another woman, Dawn?”

She could have lied, but that goes against who she is. “Yes. Once. And I didn’t like it. Please leave me alone.” Her tone got harder toward the end. Dawn’s mind was trying to assert control over the situation.

Kristi wasn’t having any of it. “Now Dawn, you will like this. You just need us to help you see.” With that, Jess got up out of her chair and walked toward the couch, her heels sounding on the floor. When she got close, she knelt on her knees in front of Dawn. I saw a real hunger in her eyes, and her tongue flicked out to touch her upper lip. It was almost like watching an animal stalking its prey. She must have liked what she saw in Dawn, because she was ready to go.

Kristi said quietly, “Lean forward and give her your tits.”

Dawn’s resistance built. “No. I won’t. I’m not a lesbian.” Kristi wasn’t having that. She gently put her hand on Dawn’s bare back between the shoulder blades and pushed, firmly but not violently. There was a moment of resistance, but suddenly Dawn let herself go forward, bending at the waist. Her high-heeled boots really helped put her in exactly the right spot.

That move made her DDs swing into perfect position for Jess. Her tongue flicked out again, this time tasting Dawn’s left nipple. I watched as Dawn’s eyes closed, like she was trying to deny this was happening to her. “Please, don’t.” That didn’t stop Jess. Her lips locked on the nipple and sucked it right in, like she was trying to get Dawn to give milk.

Kristi gently swept Dawn’s blonde hair to one side, so she could get to her neck. Gently, Kristi started massaging there, releasing some tension, but also maintaining control. I could see Dawn was about to pop, but which way was she going to go?

Jess let go of Dawn’s left nipple, then moved to the right one. That one too went into her mouth, while her hand came up to roll the left between her thumb and finger. I knew Dawn liked that, especially with just a little strength too it. I saw Dawn’s face flush, like she was losing control. Both her nipples were rock hard. But, she continued to plead, “No. Please, no. I’m not a lesbian. I’m not.”

Time to up the ante. Jess let Dawn’s nipple go and leaned back for a moment. Kristi reached past both of them and got her fingers on Jess’ halter string, pulling it. The tie came loose. With her big rack pressing against the narrow lycra, the top fell, revealing milky white 36D tits with pale pink nipples.

I heard Dawn stop, mid-complaint. Seeing Jess topless clearly had done something to her. Kristi asked, “Do you like Jess’ tits, Dawn?”

There was a very quick reply, too quick to think: “Yes. I mean no. I mean…I don’t know what I mean. Please, stop this.”

Jess stood up, moving in closer, raising her tits to Dawn’s eye level. With her hand still in Dawn’s back, Kristi commanded, “Suck her nipples, Dawn.”

I could hear Dawn’s breathing was coming very fast now. She was losing control, and she knew it. The humiliation of wanting something she clearly knew was not what she should want was telling on her. Her mind was telling her to fight, but I didn’t think that was going to happen.

I was right. Dawn’s mouth came open, breathing heavily. Jess closed the deal by leaning into her and putting her right nipple only an inch from Dawn’s lips. Hesitantly, Dawn took her in and started to suck.

Jess’ face immediately took on a look of pure pleasure. While Dawn’s eyes were closed, Jess’ were wide open and excited. She wanted more than just this, but that was Kristi’s call. She knew what she was doing. Jess put her hands on the back of Dawn’s head, holding it in place and allowing Kristi to get ready for the next step.

Dawn kept sucking. I noticed she was actually working on Jess’ nipple, not just going through the motions. That was confirmed in a moment when she brought both hands up to Jess’ tits, lifting them off her chest. I had to admit, Jess had a really great pair of tits. They were perky and looked firm too. This was a great show!

Kristi’s hands came down Dawn’s sides, hooking the top of her dress. She gently slid it down her sides, reaching the tops of her hips. She got her fingertips in position to make the final move. All that was needed now was to get Dawn up off the couch so the dress could come off.

Jess did the work on that. She started to raise herself up. I was fascinated to see Dawn move with her, keeping Jess’ nipple in her mouth. With their height difference, almost exactly a foot, Jess was able to lift Dawn up onto her feet without losing the connection to her tit. Dawn had gotten herself focused on what she was working on, and had lost awareness of what else was happening around her.

Kristi brought her back to reality by a swift arm movement downward that dropped the white lycra to the floor around Dawn’s feet. In that moment, Dawn was naked before us. Just as before, her cunt was completely smooth. She knew I really liked her that way, and so did the girls.

Dawn’s face blushed. For the second time in recent weeks, she was naked in this room while most everyone else was dressed. She didn’t know what to do when Kristi stood up and put her hands on her body, sliding up her sides and under Dawn’s tits, testing their weight.

Kristi nuzzled her face down into the nape of Dawn’s neck, using her tongue. I knew Dawn liked that. I heard her take a sharp intake of breath, then her mind reasserted itself. “Please, stop. I don’t want to do this. I’m not a lesbian. I’m not.”

Jess brought her head down to her, put her hands on Dawn’s shoulders, and looked into her eyes and said, “Relax, Dawn. Everything is going to be all right.”

With that, Jess twisted Dawn’s shoulders so she turned around to face Kristi. They were about the same height, so they were looking directly into each other’s eyes. Kristi turned up the heat on Dawn, saying, “Do you like my body, Dawn? Would you like to see all of it?”

Dawn was rapidly losing control of the situation, because the answer was, “Yes. I mean no. I mean, stop this, both of you. I want to leave.” Still quietly protesting, not shouting or fighting. That’s exactly what we need her to do.

Kristi wasn’t having that. “Now Dawn, you know that isn’t happening. Now be a good girl and help me here.” She grasped Dawn’s hands and put them on her shoulders, atop the silver straps to her dress. She cooed, “You will help me out of this, won’t you?”

Dawn stood frozen to the spot, her eyes like a deer in the headlights. “Come on Dawn, help me with my dress.” I watched as Dawn slowly moved her hands outward then down, pulling Kristi’s dress down off her until it fell at her feet.

I liked what I saw. Kristi was shaved smooth too, with perky tits that had cute dark pink nipples. She turned Dawn back around to Jess and said, “Help her out too, won’t you?” When Dawn hesitated, Kristi grasped her wrists, moving Dawn’s hands to Jess’ hips. Once she was there, Dawn did the rest, pushing Jess’ dress down off her.

Kristi didn’t waste a moment. She gently placed her hands on Dawn’s shoulders from behind and pressed down. Dawn, caught off guard, fell to her knees. Jess immediately stepped up in front of her, smooth cunt right in front of Dawn’s face.

I could see Dawn was trembling now. She knew she was being raped again, but in a totally different way than the last time. There was hardly any coercion, no violence so far, and no pain, just an unwillingness to stop and a pair of beautiful, aggressive lesbians. She started quietly begging again, “Please stop. I can’t do this. I don’t like girls. I’m not a lesbian. I’m not. I’m not.”

Kristi kept up the pressure. “Dawn, you are so beautiful. We are going to make you feel better than you ever have before. Just trust me to show you the way. You will never be able to enjoy this kind of feeling with a guy. Now just relax. We are going to give you what you need.”

With that, Kristi pulled Dawn’s head back, lifting her face towards the ceiling. Jess stepped up, setting her cunt lips on Dawn’s upturned face. Kristi cooed in Dawn’s ear, “Now be a good girl and lick her clit. You know what to do.”

After a few moments, Dawn started to move. Really, she didn’t have a choice. She knew she was pinned here, even though there wasn’t any real force being used on her. She knew I was watching somewhere, because it had been too long for me to be gone for the reason I had given. The humiliation of being forced into having lesbian sex – of being raped by two lesbians – was crashing in on her. As she started to lick, I could also see Dawn begin to cry, her chest heaving with every breath.

She was slow at first, but Dawn started working on Jess, first with her tongue, but slowly, her whole mouth. I watched as Kristi slowly released the pressure on the back of Dawn’s head. After about a minute, she was no longer being forced. As Jess rocked a little bit, Dawn wrapped her arms around Jess’ legs, holding her in place.

The sight was awesome to watch. Standing where I was in the dark next room, I was watching from the side. Dawn was nude, DD tits swaying, on her knees, long blonde hair shaking as she worked on Jess’ cunt with her heels sticking out behind her. Jess, who was standing before her on her booted heels, had her head rolled back, big tits riding up her chest and her long blonde hair falling behind her, was rolling toward her first orgasm of the night.

Within a few seconds, Jess was making a high pitched squeal as she started cumming. Her hands came down onto Dawn’s head as she started to back off. Jess wasn’t going to let her stop. She held Dawn to her clit for the next minute, getting louder and louder, legs shaking even harder, as Dawn made her cum in a rolling orgasm.

After about a minute, Jess finally pulled away. Dawn fell backwards onto the floor. In a flash, Kristi was on her, straddling her, sliding up towards her face, boots on either side of her, pushing Dawn’s head to the floor. Dawn started screaming, “No! I’m not a lesbian! Stop!” Kristi didn’t stop. She got her cunt right up against Dawn’s mouth, muffling her cries. “Go on, now. Lick my clit. You know you want to. Go on.”

When Dawn didn’t move, Kristi pressed her cunt completely over Dawn’s mouth and nose. Within moments, Dawn started working Kristi’s clit, making her sway back and forth. The way she was laying, all I could see was the mop of Dawn’s blonde hair. Kristi was looking directly at me, lurking the doorway. I could see from the smile on her face that she was really enjoying forcing Dawn to engage in lesbian sex.

After a few moments, Kristi started making little mewling noises as Dawn heated her up. She bent herself backwards, blonde locks falling behind her and tits standing up off her chest. I noticed she had cute little nipples, hard as a rock, like pencil erasers, fully erect. Kristi reached down without looking and grabbed Dawn’s hands, pulling them up. In a moment, she had them positioned over her own tits, encouraging Dawn to squeeze them.

Dawn started to respond, grasping Kristi’s nipples between her thumb and finger, rolling them back and forth. Kristi’s breathing started going deeper and faster, as she really started getting turned on by Dawn’s work on her tits and clit. For her part, Dawn was really picking up the pace, moving her tongue faster and faster. Kristi forced her cunt even harder onto her, then suddenly screamed as Dawn made her cum. The orgasm rolled over her, while she shook and screamed in ecstasy.

Coming off her high, Kristi slid back from Dawn’s face, then dismounted her. Dawn turned away from her, looking above her as she lay on the floor, toward the doorway where I was. I quickly shrank back into the shadows, but I noticed her face carried a disgusted look. Clearly, Dawn hated what she was doing. To her, this was rape.

Jess didn’t give her long to think about it. She got down on the floor in front of Dawn, up on her hands and knees. From my angle, she was looking right at me. I have to say, the sight of that 36D rack dangling beneath her toned body, framed by her blonde hair, almost made me want to rush out in the room and fuck her from behind until she begged for mercy. She was that exciting. Patience.

Jess slid Dawn’s legs apart and moved down between them. Still recovering from being assaulted by Kristi, it took Dawn a moment to realize what was happening. She started to try to sit up and struggle, provoking an instant reaction.

Kristi was on her in a flash. She came straight down over Dawn’s face from over the top of her head, so their faces were opposite one another. She pressed her hands down on Dawn’s shoulders, pinning her to the floor. Dawn continued to struggle, which caused Kristi to tell her, “Now, Dawn. Hold still and enjoy it. Jess is going to make you feel better than you ever have before.”

Dawn shouted back at her, “No! Stop! Bitch! I hate you! I’m not a lesbian! I’m not!”, then collapsed into a crying fit, sobbing loudly. She turned her head away, causing Kristi to command, quietly purring, “Dawn, look into my eyes. You know you want this. You know this feels good.”

With that, I watched as Jess started licking Dawn a few inches below her cunt, causing her to suddenly stop resisting. Jess slid her arms under Dawn’s legs, lifting her knees up and opening the way forward. She buried her face snugly in Dawn’s cunt, immediately working her hard.

Dawn stopped screaming and took a deep breath. Her head rolled back, like she was trying to maintain control. Kristi slid forward and moved down to Dawn’s DDs, taking her right nipple between her lips, sucking it in. Dawn’s mouth opened, beginning to breathe deeply. Having worked Dawn’s tits before, I knew how sensitive they were and how well she reacted to having them sucked on.

It was pretty obvious to me that Dawn’s body was beginning to betray her. She was starting to get flushed, a clear sign she was getting turned on. Dawn started rocking her hips, grinding her clit into Jess’ face. She started making a deep moaning sound, which I had heard before as Dawn had her clit licked. But it seemed more powerful, almost as if she was feeling the action more intensely than she normally did.

Kristi now let go of Dawn’s shoulders, moving her hands to Dawn’s displayed DD’s. Dawn’s motions had cause them to start heaving up and down on her chest, a fact Kristi noted and started taking advantage of. Moving her mouth to Dawn’s left tit, she sucked in a large mouthful, while wrapping her hand around the other breast and squeezing firmly. Dawn’s breaths quickened to a pant, showing the intensity of the feeling.

Jess responded by moving her tongue even faster on Dawn’s clit. This created a vicious cycle, with Dawn getting more and more excited, which made Jess go faster and Kristi stimulate Dawn’s tits even more. Dawn’s moans grew louder as she worked her way towards a massive orgasm.

They say that women know how to excite another woman far better than men do. Having watched these three lesbians – well, two and a half anyway – I absolutely believe it. I like to think that I am pretty good at fucking women, and Dawn in particular, but Jess and Kristi took this to an art form. I had never seen Dawn this wound tight without actually cumming.

Jess and Kristi started speeding up and slowing down, each time changing their work on Dawn just a little bit, keeping her right on the edge of cumming. I noticed that Jess wrapped her arms tight around Dawn’s legs, a sure sign she knew what was about to happen, and that she didn’t want to let Dawn end it too soon.

Dawn suddenly screamed out with a piercing scream, arching her back off the floor severely. She came again and again and again, louder and louder. I had never seen Dawn cum this hard. Her body had completely betrayed her.

Jess had locked her arms firmly in place, holding Dawn against her tongue. That caused Dawn to start struggling and begging to be let go. “Please, stop. I can’t take it any more!” She kept begging, but at the same time, she was yelping as the waves of pleasure kept crashing over her. The orgasm rolled on and on, while Jess and Kristi held her down and ravished her.

They held Dawn down for at least another minute, maybe two, before Jess finally let go and backed off. Kristi let her go at the same moment and sat up. Dawn lay limp on the floor, trying to get control of her body and her emotions. She was breathing heavily, exhausted physically and mentally.

After a few moments, Jess laid down next to Dawn, facing the right way this time. She purred in Dawn’s ear, “See, that was amazing, wasn’t it?” Dawn, out of control of herself after the strongest orgasm she had ever had, whispered back, “Yes. I mean, no. I mean…I don’t know what I mean.”

Kristi knew she had her. “It’s all right, Dawn. Come with me and I’ll get you home.” She got up and put her hand out to help Dawn off the floor. Dawn reached out and allowed Kristi to pull her off the floor. She picked up her discarded dress and pulled it over her, while handing Dawn hers. Dawn meekly pulled it on, looking at her quizzically.

Jess grabbed her and Dawn’s coats, then headed for the door. “Come on, now. Everything will be ok, Dawn.” I was amazed – Dawn was actually going with Kristi willingly. What was going on here?

As the door closed behind them, the sounds of their heels echoing then fading down the stairs, Jess, still nude except for her boots, turned to me. “Kristi said I’m supposed to do anything you want me to do tonight.”

Well. This was the deal, but I really didn’t expect Kristi to keep her end of the bargain. She got Dawn all to herself the rest of the night, and I got Jess. More interesting, Jess submitted herself to Kristi’s whim.

The rest of the night – that’s my story, not Dawn’s, and it isn’t nearly as interesting. But Dawn has another story ahead of her, when Dave keeps his promise and calls her back.