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Black Out

2023-01-20 21:55:22

NOTE: Water Sports/Pissing is only one category here at XNXX. This story involves pissing only, no water sports…sorry.

Black Out

One day my boss asked me to stay late. I had a date to get ready for but what could I do? I stayed and did as she asked. She said that she would make it up to me but I never expected it to happen. She had said that to just about everyone in the office and I hadn’t heard of anyone saying that she had ever made it up to them before.

Finally about two hours later she approved of the work I had done and said that I could go home. As I approached the elevator I heard my boss Paige and her secretary Jordan coming toward me. Now I would have to ride down with them in the elevator and then probably walk with them to our cars. That made me a captive audience for boss’ rage.

As the elevator doors opened up I stepped in first and went to the back center and leaned against the wall. Paige and Jordan entered behind me and took up positions in the middle of the car and faced forward. Paige spouted out an order and Jordan pushed the button for the parking garage under the building. I watched them as the doors closed and we started down from the eighteenth floor. They both looked rather good from behind. We hadn’t gotten to the fifteenth floor when the car stopped and the lights went out. I heard Jordan scream and then she grabbed onto me. She confessed that she was afraid of the dark. I couldn’t believe it when Paige also grabbed me and confessed that she too was afraid of the dark. Who would have believed it? My boss was afraid of the dark. Good lord!

I had been standing there leaning against the back wall with my hands to my sides when Jordan first snuggled into me. My hand was pressed into her nice warm crotch or maybe her nice warm crotch was pressed into my hand. In either case it was in a great place to have my hand and Jordan didn’t seem to care.

So as I turned my hand around and slipped it up under the front of Jordan’s skirt as she whispered in my ear, “Oh that feels so nice.”

At that same time Paige snuggled into my other hand. I figured that if it worked once that it would work again and it did. I had both hands cupping two nice warm pussies and they were enjoying it. As the two girls cuddled into me afraid of the dark I had my hands on their panty-covered pussies. I quickly worked my way inside of their pussies too and finger fucked them at the same time. I had them almost to point of cumming when the damn emergency light came on. Paige and Jordan both straightened back up and pretended that nothing had happened. Damn!

I boldly put one finger up to my nose and smelled of Jordan’s pussy. It was nice and had a lilac odor to it. Then I lifted the other hand up and smelled of that finger. Paige’s pussy smelled of roses. Both women smelled very good. Jordan the secretary was my age, about thirty, while our boss Paige was about fifty years old. Both women were about the same height, weight, and had about the same body. I wondered if I could tell them apart in the dark. As I observed them I found that their hair was about the same length too but that Paige had a wedding ring on her finger while Jordan was not. That was it. That ring and the smell of their pussies were the only differences that I could distinguish between them other than things that were visual of course.

Paige tried the emergency phone and no one answered it. Their cell phones did not work either. Jordan even tried hollering. I just smiled and resigned myself to sit down on the floor. Then I realized that in that position I could see both women’s panties and that I had my fingers in them earlier.

After another ten minutes Jordan finally sat down on the floor too. She may have thought that she was being lady like but she wasn’t. Jordan had sat down on her butt with her knees up to her chin and her feet apart just enough to allow me an unobstructed view of the crotch of her pretty panties. When I had my finger in her pussy I sure hadn’t known that her panties were so pretty. Her panties were a bright yellow with some sort of a design on them in the same color so that it was hard to see.

Eventually Paige decided to sit down on the floor with us. As was her custom she chose to sit on the opposite side with Jordan. She never sat with men. I smiled as she also assumed the same sitting position as Jordan, allowing me to see the crotch of her panties too. Paige was wearing a pair of panties that were see through white. I could plainly see that the hair on her pussy was a brown color while the hair on her head was blonde. I just smiled to myself. It really wasn’t a surprise because every couple of weeks Paige would have dark roots before she got a touch up again. Anyway looking up my boss’ skirt was kind of nice. I had called her a cunt a few times, I had just fingered it too, and now I was looking at it. I just smiled.

A whole hour passed and no one came to look for us. I tried not to think about it but I was starting to get hungry. My date would think that I stood her up too. Jordan on the other hand had to go to the bathroom. Oh shit! Well I looked in my attaché case and found a few plastic bags that I had stashed in there along with a candy bar, a bag of peanuts, and a bag of M&Ms. Paige opened up her purse and found a small pack of tissues and some breath mints. Jordan found some tissues too along with some gum. It wasn’t much but it was what we had.

Then of course we came back to the fact that Jordan still had to pee and bad too. I smiled at her and said that I would be happy to hold the plastic bag open for her. She looked to Paige for some bit of wisdom but didn’t get any. I swished one on the bags in the air to make it balloon out then rolled the upper edge over a few times. I had to smile as I watched both ladies doing the pee-pee dance. Soon Jordan realized that she had no choice. She stood up and lowered her panties to her ankles. Then she picked up her feet as I removed her panties from them. I saw her watching me as I put them in my pant’s pocket. Then Jordan squatted down while I held the plastic bag under her pussy so that she could pee into it. Jordan really had to go too. As the warm golden yellow fluid ran into the bag I got to look at her pussy. She was shaved bald except for a strip on her mound. I had heard it called a ‘landing strip’ before. Jordan let out a soft sigh as she emptied her bladder into the bag that I was holding. Then she grabbed one of her tissue and dabbed her pussy lips to soak up anything left over.

As I started to put the bag away Paige finally admitted that she needed to go too. So I watched as she stood up and lowered her panties to her ankles. She even smiled at me as I reached for them while she lifted her feet up for me. She watched me place them in my pant’s pocket too. Even Jordan smiled when I did that. Then I held the bag open as my boss squatted over it. I took a good look at her pussy hair and she saw me looking at it. So she boldly told me that she doesn’t shave and that she has never shaved…anywhere. Then she started to pee. Her pee was an even darker shade of yellow perhaps a gold color and then it started to mix with Jordan’s lighter pee in the plastic bag. Just as Paige was about to finish she let out a big fart that smelled up the whole place then she shit into the bag. I had never been fascinated with shit before but then again I had never seen a woman do that before either. I had to smile knowing that my bitchy boss had been full of shit like I had often said under my breath. I watched as my boss wiped her pussy and then wiped her ass. Finally I could close up the bag and trap some of the smell inside. Paige apologized for the smell.

For the next hour we seemed to talk mostly about work. For the hour after that we talked mostly about ourselves. I could see the conversations getting more and more personal as time went on. Jordan admitted to being a hardcore lesbian and that she was technically still a virgin. No man had ever gotten his cock in her. Paige was married and had two children, her marriage was not a good one at the moment, and her husband had moved out to live with his girlfriend. Her daughter was pregnant with her third grandchild and her son had knocked up his girlfriend. Wow and her I was thirty and not even married yet.

Then as time went by Jordan cuddled into Paige’s breasts and started to cry softly. It was starting to get to her. She was worried that we wouldn’t get out of this alive. Then I found out that my boss and her secretary were lovers. No one else was aware of that. I was the only other person to know.

So I sat back and watched as the two women held each other and talked about the good times that they had together as if they were going to die. I listened as they talked about making love in the office right during the day, naked on top of the conference table after hours, and in their hotel room when they were out of town on business. They had even Xeroxed their tits and asses and made out in the copier room.

So I asked, “Have you ever made love in an elevator before?”

Now that excited Jordan which surprised me. She then started to undress Paige. I just watched, as more and more of my boss’ skin became visible to my eyes. I couldn’t believe that she was allowing Jordan to do that to her right in front of me. Shortly Paige was completely naked and standing before me as if she were on exhibit. Then Jordan told her to dance sexy and Paige danced for us as she hummed a sweet little tune. When Jordan had enough she stood up and undressed as well. Then I had two naked women dancing together in front of me and humming the tune together. They were nipple to nipple, belly to belly, and pussy to pussy as they danced for me. It was a hell of a lot better than that movie “Dirty Dancing” had been and a lot hotter too.

Jordan pushed Paige to her knees and crooked one leg around her shoulder pulling her lover’s face into her pussy. That’s when I realized that Paige was the boss in the office and that Jordan was the boss in the boudoir. Paige was very good at what she was doing to Jordan. When Jordan had enough she told Paige to take a squat in the corner. Paige sat in the corner with her legs wide apart so that I could see her hairy pussy.

Then Jordan asked me, “Do want to fuck her?”

I looked at Jordan and repeated, “Fuck her?”

Jordan said, “She is my fuck toy but if you like I will let you fuck her too. The bitch still desires a stiff cock occasionally and all of mine are home in my drawer.”

I looked at Jordan and smiled and then I really took a look at Paige. Obviously I had never see Paige looking like that before. She was naked, her nipples were very hard, and her pussy was glistening from her own juices. I turned toward Jordan again and said, “Yes. I would like to fuck her. Thank you.” Then I got undressed. I took my time but it really didn’t matter much because we all knew that I was going to fuck my boss.

Once I was completely naked I took Paige’s hand and moved her out from the wall. I laid her on the cold metal floor and knelt down between her long legs. She was not exactly excited about it but she wasn’t afraid of it either she just accepted it for what it was…sex with a man because her lesbian lover told her to do so.

I looked at Paige’s very hair bush, her hard nipples, and her fifty-year-old body and I liked what I saw. Then I lifted her calves up to my waist and leaned into her. She wanted me. She guided my cock into her pussy as I continued to lean into her. Soon I released her legs and she wrapped them around my body. Then I got nipple to nipple with her just like she had done with Jordan. As I forced my cock into her pussy I was well aware of the fact that I was scraping her back against the metal floor. Sometimes fucking your bitch boss is a good thing. With every thrust into her I could see her closing her eyes and cringing slightly but she never said a word. She was the submissive one in the relationship. Interesting! So I increased my pace and my force. I knew that I didn’t really have to please Paige, I only had to please Jordan, and from the look on her face I was definitely pleasing her. I pushed myself up onto my hands then placed both hands on Paige’s tits and grabbed onto them like a pair of big balls. I hung on tightly as I fucked her. Finally I was cumming inside her pussy and I loved it. When I had squired every drop into her I pulled out and just looked at her lying there.

Another hour later and I was hard again. I looked over at Jordan and she just looked back at me. When I asked her for sex she just laughed at me. Jordan was a devout lesbian but she told me that I could fuck Paige again if I wished to or I could have her give me a blowjob instead. Hey now that was it, I wanted a blowjob from my boss. That way if I ever called her a cocksucker I wouldn’t be lying. So I got onto my feet and let Paige come over to me on her knees. I watched as my boss wet her lips and took in the head of my cock. As she sucked on it she took more and more of it into her mouth each time. Soon I was fucking her throat like I had fucked her pussy and it was just as good too. I looked over at Jordan and she was smiling at me. Jordan was thrusting her hips in the same rhythm that I was thrusting my own hips toward Paige. I smiled over at Jordan, grabbed both sides of Paige’s head, and fucked her face until I cum.

Jordan called Paige over to her then she pushed Paige down onto the cold metal floor on her back again and climbed on top of her for a very nice sixty-nine. I took interest in Jordan as she gave Paige several orgasms. God she was a good lesbian. No wonder Paige would do anything that she wanted her to do. Jordan drove her absolutely crazy.

When the two women were done making love we all got dressed. It was about four in the morning so we just settled in for a little nap.

The next morning about six o’clock we were awakened when the elevator started up. We were glad that we had gotten dressed. We were rescued after eleven hours in that elevator but I knew that my life would never be the same. I would certainly never be able to look at Paige the same way again.

The End
Black Out