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Time to do it Over

2023-01-22 00:20:17

When Alex woke up, it was the day after his 13th birthday. What really got to him was that when he fell asleep it was the day of his 50th. Now here he was, asleep in his bed in the room where he had spent his teen aged years. Martin, a friend of his who lived 2 houses down had spent the night. Alex remembered that they had given each other clumsy, tentative blow jobs the morning he was now awakening to for the second time. Alex remembered that they had also tried to fuck at times but really had no idea what they were doing and had never realized the necessity of lube.

“Alex, you awake?” Martin said as he slipped his hand between Alex's legs.


“You want to...” Martin never came out and said what he wanted.


Martin took the head of Alex's cock in his mouth and started sucking on it. Alex laid back for a couple of minutes and took in what was being done. He remembered this exact blow job taking place 37 years before. Maybe it was because he had not had that many up to then but it had seemed that it was a lot better. Now looking back, it was a pretty sucky blow job.

Alex gently put his hand on the back of Martin's head and pulled him forward slowly. Martin took the hint and slid his lips all the way down the shaft. Alex moaned with pleasure as Martin kept up the attack on his dick. Alex pulled his cock out of Martin's mouth and rolled him over on his back. He straddled Martin and stuck his dick back in his mouth. He started mouth fucking him. Humping harder and harder. Every few strokes Alex would stop and slowly push his cock all the way into Martin's mouth and leave it there for a second as Martin sucked on it.

“I'm gonna cum, Martin.” Alex said as he felt his cum churning just below the surface. “I'm gonna cum!” With that the flood gates opened! Spurt after spurt of cum shot into Martins' mouth as his eyes widened with surprise. He struggled but not one drop escaped from Martin's mouth. Martin swallowed
and kept sucking. Obviously wanting more. Alex pulled his dick from Martin's mouth and rolled over to his back. Martin crawled in between Alex's legs and started sucking his dick again. Alex need to think and what could make for a better thinking situation than with your dick in someone's mouth.

Obviously something had happened. Alex was once again 13. He knew this because he at 14 he had torn his knee riding his dirtbike and had knee surgery. The scar was not there. Not yet, anyway. But he could remember everything that had happened up to when he turned 50 and went to bed only to wake up here. He did not fuck his first girl until he was 16. But when he was 13, he had had a small circle (Martin, Jessie and a cousin named Joe) who had been experimenting sexually. They had not known what they were doing, but since this was a do over, Alex did know what he was doing and he was going to have a lot of fun doing it.

“Did you like me cumming in your mouth like I did?” Alex asked Martin's head as it bobbed up and down on his cock, working hard for another load.

“Oh yeah, I did. I did not even know that that happened.”

“Let's try something else.” Alex said. He had “fucked” Martin before but it had been a clumsy affair with only the very tip going into Martin's ass and mostly rubbing his cock between the cheeks until he came on Martin's back. He was going to fuck Martin this time and fuck him right.

“Get on all fours,” Alex said as he reached for a bottle of Jergen's lotion on the dresser. Maybe because he was the youngest and always wanted to fit in, Martin had been open to everything. Sexually he never said no but to his later regret, Alex had always been too inexperienced at the time to take advantage of it. He had plans for Martin this time around.

Alex took the bottle of Jergen's, poured some into his hands then rubbed it onto his fingers. Slowly Alex stroked the surface of Martin's asshole, getting a liberal amount of lotion on it. He slowly worked in the tip of a finger. He slipped it almost all of the way out then pressed it in again but went a little deeper. It was not long before Alex had the whole finger in and was working to get the tip of a second finger in.

While he was working both fingers in and out of Martin's ass, Alex took the phone and dialed Jessie's number. He invited him over. Martin and Jessie had experimented with each other before just as Alex had experimented with both of them. They were even aware of what they had been doing they had just never done anything in other than one on one situations. Jessie lived at the end of the block he would be over in a couple of minutes.

Alex took his fingers from Martin's ass, placed his cock on the entrance slid the head inside. Martin grunted. “Does it hurt?”

“Yes. A little, but I want it.”

Alex slid the length of his cock all the way into the warm and lotion slippery confines of Martin's ass. When his pubic bone was pressed up against Martin's buttocks Alex stopped and savored the delicious tightness of the 10 year old ass he was fucking.

“Holy cow! What's going on?” Jessie had arrived.

“What do you think?” Alex said. “Take your clothes off and get where Martin can suck you.”

“Yes!” Martin gleefully said when he heard.

Of all the kids I played with at the time, Jessie had the biggest cock. A good 6 and one half inches long and thick.

Jessie laid down on the bed and Martin shifted over to where he could suck him off. Martin immediately took the whole length into his mouth which surprised Jessie. Martin had been an equal the first time growing up. But the first time, I had been 13, Martin had been 10. Now, I was a 50 year old in the body of a 13 year old boy. Thoughts of how easy it was going to be for me this time went through my head and I could barely keep from cumming when I thought about them. From clumsy and tentative before to organizing a threesome. Alex said, “Let's try something different.” With that he pulled his dick out of Martin's ass and had him lay on his back, his head hanging off the edge of the bed. “Fuck his mouth, Jessie. I am going to fuck him like a girl.”

The first time, Martin had been the first to break away from the little fuck circle. Even though he was a couple of years younger, he had been the first one to fuck a girl, the first to get married and have kids. That was the first time. Since he was living this life over again, Alex was going to make it his mission to make sure that didn't happen. He was going to do his best to make sure that Martin got plenty of dick. Make it so Martin did not desire anything but dick for the rest of his life.

“I think, I think I have to pee,” Jessie said. Looking flushed. “I have to stop.”

“It's not pee. Keep going. You will love it” Alex said.

“Oh shit!” Jessie started to erupt. Martin hungrily worked Jessie's dick, not wanting to miss a drop. “Oh shit! Oh shit!”

It was too much for Alex. He started cumming so he pushed his cock as far as he could into Martin's ass then ground against him, pumping his cum as deep as possible into Martin. Alex slowly ground and pumped as his dick grew soft inside of the sweet, sweet ass he had just fucked.

Jessie's dick was still hard and he was working it into Martin's mouth trying to once again cum. “Fuck him, Jessie. I'll bet that is what he wants.”

“You want me to fuck you, Martin.” Jessie asked.

“Please fuck me,” Martin answered pulling his face off of Jessie's cock.

Martin got in the middle of the bed and put his ass up in the air. Jessie got on his knees behind him. Alex got in front of Martin and held open Martin's ass so Jessie could penetrate him easier. Martin's ass was so well fucked, loose and slippery with cum that Alex left a finger stuck in there as Jessie's dick went in.

“Fuck him, Jessie!” Alex said, slipping another finger into Martin's ass next to Jessie's dick.
Fuck him hard!”

“Oh shit! Oh shit! Whatever you are doing to me, don't stop! Don't stop!” Martin squealed as he ground back against Jessie. Alex put in another finger. Martin had Jessie's dick and three of Alex's fingers in his ass.

Jessie started to grunt, getting close to cumming. “Let him have it, Jessie! Give it to him!”

Jessie came, grabbing Martin by the his and pulling him to himself as he spurted out his load as deep as he could. Martin had an idea, “Keep fucking him! Fuck him as fast as you can!” Jessie complied and Martin squealed with delight as their bodies slapped together. It took less than a minute for Jessie to cum again.

Jessie, still grinding his cock slowly into Martin and enjoying the after glow of growing soft in Martin's ass asked, “Holy Crap, that was good.”

“Was it good for you too?” Alex asked Martin.

“Better than ever.”

It was just the beginning. With all of the wisdom of a 50 year old, now crammed into the body of a 13 year old, things were going to be way different. Martin was well on his way to loving only dick. Jessie would surely follow as he had obviously fallen in love with Martin's ass. Love, now there was an idea.
Maybe, with a little coercion, love would blossom between Alex and Martin. Have them fall in love and then shove them both out of the closet.

Then there was Helena, Jessie's girlfriend. She had given Jessie a couple of hand jobs but would not put out or blow him. One of the reasons Jessie hung around Martin and me was because he liked getting his dick sucked and knew he would not get that Helena. At least not until he married her about 8 years later. Alex realized he had been dropped into what he could only call a target rich environment.
He had always been bi sexual so it really made no difference to him who he fucked. No telling how long he would be here, but he had every intention to making the best of it.