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After The Halloween Party

2022-07-05 00:31:52

Fbailey story number 578

After The Halloween Party

My wife and I were invited to my boss’ Halloween party. We were to dress in costume and be prepared to have a great time. There was a lot of drinking and my wife must have gone to the bathroom a dozen times. She became the best of friends with a woman that I work with. Actually Pamela was the only woman that I worked with. I found her very attractive too.

Eventually my wife told me that she had drank too much and needed to go home. I could not believe it when she kissed Pamela goodbye right on her lips. I was pretty sure that they used tongue. It excited the hell out of me.

Once in the car my wife passed out and I practically had to carry her into our bedroom. I undressed her and put her under the covers. Then I got the bright idea to fuck her while she was unconscious. Maybe in the morning I would try to convince her that we did not have sex and ask her who she had had sex with.

Fucking my own wife was actually fun with her passed out. I rolled her on her side, bent her legs, and fucked her tight asshole. God I loved it.

In the morning my wife asked what had happened at the party. I told her that she had a great time, that she danced with most of the men, and that she kept disappearing throughout the night. Then I finally took her home.

She gave it some thought and I noticed her favoring her ass but she never said a thing about it.

On Monday at work Pamela asked me how kinky my wife was at home. I told her that she really wasn’t kinky at all, to which she laughed. Then Pamela told me that there had been a waiting line for the ladies to use the bathrooms so she took my wife into an empty bedroom and they peed in a big beer stein. My wife had been very concerned about there being no toilet paper to wipe with and she didn’t want a wet spot in the crotch of her costume. So after my wife had squatted over the stein and peed, Pamela pushed her backwards on the shag carpet and licked her big hairy pussy clean for her. Pamela said that she had several folds down there and that it took a lot of licking to get her clean.

To repay the favor my wife watched Pamela squat and pee into the stein and then she licked Pamela’s pussy clean. Only my wife loved the taste of urine. After that first time my wife insisted that Pamela pee into the stein and let my wife lick her pussy afterwards. To her surprise she watched my wife drink from the stein also.

I was totally amazed by her story. Then Pamela told me that I should go home and have my wife lick the last drop off my cock after I pee. I told her that my wife had done that on a few occasions. Pamela strongly suggested that I pee in my wife’s mouth in the morning when my urine was dark and strong. Then she suggested that I fuck my wife really good before she herself had an opportunity to empty her bladder. I liked the idea very much.

Throughout the day I kept looking at Pamela and trying to see my wife down between her legs licking her pussy. I even got jealous and wanted to lick Pamela’s pussy myself. So I told her so.

We were in a remote part of the warehouse checking on some parts when Pamela said that she had to pee. Then she asked me if I really wanted to lick her pussy afterwards. I sure as hell did.

I followed Pamela into the bathroom, she locked the door, and then she lifted her skirt, lowered her panties, and sat on the toilet. I knelt between her legs and watched as she peed into the toilet bowl. When she had finished I leaned in and she slid forward. I licked up every drop of her urine and told her that I would love to do it again, anytime. She giggled and said that my wife and I were more alike than I wanted to admit. She was right.

Before we left the bathroom Pamela asked me if I had to pee and of course I did. She held my cock and aimed it at the water in the bowl. After the stream had started she leaned in and drank from it. I was utterly amazed. When I finished she licked the last drop off, kissed it on the head, and then sucked me hard. She wanted me to fuck her while she was leaned over the toilet bowl smelling the piss in the bowl.

I told her that she and my wife had a lot in common too and she agreed. Then I told her that after the party I had stuck my cock in my wife’s ass. I told her that my wife could feel it the next day but never said a word about it because she wasn’t sure who had fucked her. Pamela thought I was cruel but told me that I could put my cock in her ass if I wanted too. Of course I wanted to but then she added that she wanted to suck it clean after I had pulled it out. God, I had only dreamed of such things.

With my cock in her ass and her face in the toilet, Pamela said that she would call my wife and set up a threesome that night in my bed. I could not control myself, I cum in her rectum as deeply as I could and in quantities unknown to me before. It was an experience of a lifetime…and then she sucked my cock into her mouth. God loves a wonderful woman. I did not object when she kissed me afterwards, no tongue though, thank God.

An hour later I got a phone call from my wife asking me if it was okay that she had invited Pamela to come over for dinner and a threesome. I told her that I was ecstatic and that I could hardly wait to get home to her. Then she said that Pamela had told her that no one at the Halloween party had butt fucked her and asked me if I had. I told her that I had and told her that I had really enjoyed it too. Then my wife told me that it would have been better if she had enjoyed it also. I reminded her that she didn’t like anal sex to which she replied that she had changed her mind. In fact she said that she had changed her mind on a lot of things and that we should have a talk when I got home.

I really wanted to know more so I went into Pamela’s office and asked her. Pamela smiled and said that my wife should be the one to tell me…but…my wife had crossed over to the dark side. Sexually speaking of course. My wife had realized that she liked the taste of piss, a good stiff cock up her ass, and another woman in her bed. Oh my! She also wanted to try wife swapping and double penetration with a cock in her pussy and in her ass at the same time. She might even want to suck on a cock and make it a triple penetration.

The phone rang while I was sitting there and it was my wife calling Pamela. I listened as they talked about the night to come. Pamela could not wait for me to butt fuck her and then stick my dirty cock into my wife’s mouth. Apparently my wife was hoping I would do that too. She wanted sex to become dirty but she didn’t know how to tell me. Pamela said that she could take care of that during a short game of Truth or Dare.

After work I rushed home to my wife. She played shy whenever I asked her what had changed in her life. About an hour later Sexy Pamela arrived. She had changed her clothes, put on some makeup, and smelled wonderful. She walked in, kissed my wife full on the mouth, and then she reached up under my wife’s skirt and finger fucked her.

Without acknowledging me she asked my wife if she was willing to become a ‘Dirty Girl’ and the answer was yes. She then asked my wife if she was willing to lick my cock after I had just peed, drink my piss from a glass, and to suck my cock clean after it had been in another woman’s asshole. My wife said yes so fast that I was shocked.

Then Pamela said, “Ask him to butt fuck me.”

My wife said, “Honey, would you please fuck Pamela in her ass and let me suck your dirty cock afterwards. I really want you to, honey. You can fuck my ass anytime that you want to as long as you stick your dirty cock in my mouth afterwards. I’m tired of being a ‘Good Girl.’ Please make me a Dirty Girl.”

I smiled at my wife and said, “Okay. I want you two to get upstairs, to get naked, and to get on my bed.”

They scampered off quickly and I watched Pamela stick her hand up my wife’s skirt again.

I gave them a few minutes and went up myself. There they were naked and on my bed. Pamela was eating my wife’s pussy so I just stood behind her at the side of the bed and pulled her closer. Since I had already butt fucked Pamela at work, I knew that she could take it, so I forced myself in dry. She seemed to cringe and moan into my wife’s pussy but I kept it up.

My wife smiled and asked, “Do you want me to moisten your cock or her asshole for you?”

Pamela started shaking her head, yes. I decided to force another inch into her instead. Pamela started to cry so I pulled it out and told my wife to moisten us both and to do a good job. She got right down there and tried to put as much spit as she could in Pamela’s asshole. Then she wet my cock after telling me how wonderful it had tasted.

My cock went back into Pamela’s ass and it made it all the way with just a few hard pushes. All of the excitement and friction had excited me to the point of cumming. I filled Pamela’s rectum and then pulled out, telling my wife to do her best.

First she cleaned my cock off so that she could take her time sucking on Pamela’s asshole. I could tell that my wife was enjoying herself immensely. So was I. My wife really was a Dirty Girl. I wondered how much I had missed over the years, had she always been a Dirty Girl just pretending to be a Good Girl?

After my wife had cleaned Pamela I told her that I had butt fucked Pamela at work that morning. She only wished that I had come home for lunch and let her suck my cock clean. Told her that Pamela had done that for me. She told my wife that she too was a Dirty Girl but that her husband just didn’t understand her needs. At her request he had set up a couple of threesomes with other guys and she had managed to get them both to fuck her at the same time but not frequently enough for her. In exchange she had set up a couple of her friends with her and her husband too. She would go down on the girl right after her husband pulled out but somehow that turned him off.

Apparently my wife and I fit her needs perfectly. She wanted to become a permanent fixture in our bed. My wife asked about her husband and Pamela said, “Fuck him, I make more than enough money to live on.”

My wife told Pamela that she was welcome in our bed and in our marriage. She told us that we could fuck around at work but only if we came home at noon to let her lick us clean. Deal!

The End
After The Halloween Party