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The Gender Wars Chapter 2 Domination

2022-10-02 00:05:43


Chapter 2 Domination

"Martin" my Mothers voice awoke me, "It's time to wake up."

It had been a week since the call had gone out, and all women in the country had lost all rights entirely.

"What have I told you, Mother dear? When we're in the bedroom together, you are to address me as Master, just like when we're in public, ok?"

My Mother held my gaze for a moment, then sighed and said, "Yes, Master, how would you like me to serve you this morning?"

I gazed into the depths of my Mothers aquamarine eyes and reflected on the events of the past week.

I'd had a Frightening encounter on M-day, that's what they'd started calling the day the call went out, allowing Men to do whatever the fuck they wanted with women in this country. Both my beautiful Mother, Diane and my Hot! As! Fuck! Sister Kelly had attacked me in the lounge room. I had eventually fought back and knocked Kelly unconscious. I'd never wanted to do that to her; I loved my Sister, and we were family for god sakes.

Then my Mother had attacked again, and there had been nothing for it but to defend myself again. That was when something inside me had snapped, and I had forced her down and raped her! My own Mother!

Somewhere during the act of dominating my Mother, I'd tried to explain to her my idea to protect them in this new world of ours. Outside, I could protect my Mother and my Sister Kelly, but only if they acted like they were my slaves, my property. This would ensure that no other men raped them in the street, which would DEFINITELY happen if they went out alone and unguarded.

This way, we could still act like a healthy family at home.

However, the condition for not touching my Sister Kelly was that my Mother would have to service me twice a day, willingly. Outside the bedroom, it would be family as usual.

She'd eventually agreed after a little 'coaxing', and my Sister kept in the dark about it.

At first... but we'll get to that later.

"Mother dear, tell me, how much do you want my cock?" She stared back at me, then huffed, "please master, let this dirty slut lick your big, fat, Cock!" she stated, noncommittally.

I pulled the sheets back to reveal a massive erection and heard a small intake of breath.

Even though she tried to hide it, my Mother always did that at the sight of my cock. I could easily forgive her though, I mean, she'd only been fucked for the first time in fifteen years a week ago, and my cock did have a slightly larger than average length and girth.

"Kneel CUNT!" I commanded.

"Yes, Master," my Mother responded, sighing to herself and getting down onto her knees.

This wasn't good enough; she was supposed to be 'subservient' in the bedroom, but this tasted too much like 'reluctance' to me.

Oh well, I guess there was nothing for it.

I backhanded my Mother as hard as I could, sending her flying across the room.

"Now tell me, CUNT! What is it you serve?" I said in a dangerously calm deep voice while slowly advancing on her.

My Mother quietly mumbled something to herself.

I grabbed her by the hair and lifted her, so we face to face, our noses touching. "What. Was. That?"

My Mother stared daggers at me for a few seconds before going limp and whimpering, "Your Big. Fat. Cock! Master."

I pulled her in close and held her tight, stroking her hair and cooing softly, "good... good... it looks like I might not have to Rape my dear Sister today, after all, but, we can only see."

She tensed and started shivering at the mention of me raping my Sister Kelly, then relaxed into total submission as she remembered the stakes.

I held my Mother at arm's length for a few seconds before slamming her face to the floor and saying, "Now beg Mother dear! beg for what you serve!"

There was a small whimper, then she stared directly back at me with her beautiful aquamarine eye's and begged, for real!

"Please, Master, please! can I have a taste of your Big. Fat. Cock!"

"Why do you want it so much, Mom! Tell me?"

"Please, Master, I am nothing but a dirty Whore! And a Slut! I love my Master's Big. Fat. Cock! I worship it! So Please! I Want to suckle at your delicious precum and lick away all the caked up smegma from under your dirty foreskin, Please!

"Ok" I answered, "but only because you asked nicely."

"Thank you, Master, Thank you for letting me lick and suckle at your Big. Fat. Cock!" She said, rubbing her face up and down the length of my shaft, and occasionally bumping my smegma caked knob.

"Now service it, Slut!" I ordered.

"Yes, Master, thank you, Master," my Mother responded beginning to lick the length of my shaft.

My Mother really was beautiful; I thought to myself as I maintained eye contact with her, staring deep into those aquamarine irises as she serviced me. Under her purple Saturn nightdress, I could see the shape of her perfectly proportioned hips and booty sticking out from behind her bobbing head. Reaching down, I grasped my Mothers pleasantly swaying breasts, all-natural and yet so large and perky, a perfect thirty-eight double D.

Her tongue had made its way to my knob and was tracing circles around the edge, cleaning the night's smegma out when I began to get impatient.

"Suck it, Whore" I ordered.

"Yes, Master," my Mother responded, beginning to gobble at my knob.

"Deeper and fast!" I ordered.

"Thank you, Master," my Mother responded again and dived back onto my cock, vigorously pushing my knob toward the back of her throat.

It felt amazing for a minute or so until she started losing energy.

"Not good enough, Mom, I think its time for a throat fuck!"

I could see her eyes widening as my hands came together interlocking behind her head, there was fear in those eyes. My cock was already a third of the way inside her mouth as she tried, too late, to desperately pull away.

Then, I power fucked her throat violently, non-stop, as hard as I possibly could. Muffled moans and screams were coming from her the whole time.

Then. after about ten minutes, I released her, and she collapsed into a drooling, moaning, pile on the ground.

"How do you like that, CUNT!"

My Mother was nonresponsive... Oh well, she would regain consciousness shortly.

I looked at the clock which read six-thirty AM, "breakfast time, breakfast time," I sang to myself as I left my bedroom and headed downstairs.

My Hot. As. Fuck! Sister Kelly's bedroom was downstairs at the opposite end of the house to mine, whereas Mom's bedroom was upstairs allowing the past week's escapades to go on in secret, without Kelly's knowledge.

My Mother would come to my bedroom late at night after all the lights were out and service me, then return early in the morning to wake me up and service me again. Besides that, my Sister generally didn't get out of bed until after eight most days, so we really had nothing to worry about.

About an hour later, after she'd given me my wakeup call, my Mother came walking down the stair's looking beautiful as ever. "Morning, Martin," she said with a yawn, "how'd you sleep?"

I noticed that she had used makeup to hide the handprint I'd left when I'd backhanded her, as well as any other small blemishes she'd incurred here and there.

"Excellent" I replied, looking up at her "Kelly's still in bed, can you wake her up? she's still adjusting to our current situation since M-day, and doesn't like being around me at the moment."

"Sure Martin" my Mother sighed, getting up from where she had just sat down at the kitchen table.

My Sister Kelly's adjustment problems were an understatement. She hated Me! Dispised me even! And I was trying hard, doing my best to keep our living situation at home the same as it had been, before M-day and the entire Genderwars had begun. I 'd needed to knock her out once, and only once, just after the initial call had gone out on M-day, but that was self-defence! Otherwise, I hadn't touched her at all. Besides, she was getting the luxury treatment compared to her friends.

Back on day one of our new living arrangement, Kelly had broken down crying in the middle of the lounge room when she'd received multiple video messages from her best friend's phone. The messages had depicted the incestuous gangrape, torture and eventual snuff of her best friend and her Mother by there four massive brothers and father. In the following day's, similar messages depicting the rape, snuff, or torture, of the majority of her friends had left a dark, hateful look in every single one of my Sister's glances at me. I think it was just men in general that Kelly despised and I happened to be the closest one. Even though I was doing my uttermost to keep thing the way they were, for us at least.

"Martin!" My Mother called, "are you sure you haven't seen your Sister this morning?"

"Of course, I'm sure. beside's, it's not like she's dumb enough to go out by herself, she's not an idiot."

At least I hoped she wasn't an idiot, but considering her attitude towards me in the past week; maybe I should rethink her sanity a little. I was trying to help my family for god's sakes! I loved them both dearly, and all she could do was stare daggers at me the entire time. What sort of hateful bullshit had they filled her head with at saint Kathryn's girl's school?

I went outside and checked the backyard, but she wasn't there either. At this point, I was beginning to get worried. My Sister was absolutely gorgeous; If she had gone out into the street without me there to protect her, she would be attacked instantly, without question.

After going back inside and checking the house top to bottom, my Mother and I both concluded that she wasn't there.

"Well, there's nothing for it Mom, if we manage to find Kelly out there and get her back in one piece, she's going to have to be punished. But only once I promise, she has to be reminded of the danger she's in."

"No, you can't" my Mother cried fearfully, "remember our deal?"

then I launched into a tirade that made my Mother's face begin to tremble with fear before she collapsed to her knees, crying.

"Of course I do, I just fucked your face till you passed out, not two hours ago. But Kelly doesn't know that, does she? She thinks we're still living in bliss because I don't want to or can't get up the gut's to fuck her. Well, let me tell you, Mom! If I manage to find her. Then I'm going to bring her straight home and fuck her for one entire day non-stop. I'm gonna fuck her Cunt, Throat and her Asshole, and I might even fist her if she's up for it. Then, after I've had my fun, and she truly understands the predicament we're in. Then, and only then. can we live like a happy family again, because that's what we are, we're a family, and family sticks together."