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The appetite of Charles Faul Part2

2022-08-09 01:05:22

Steven looked down at her dark lips flush around his white dickHe stuck a digit up her ass.Vennie felt the man put his finger inside her bum.He twisted it around and fucked her anally with it.Some where deep inside her although she found it hard to except what the man was doing felt good!Her cunt suddenly gave a involuntary twitch!The little squeeze of his dick by the slave's pussy was to much for steven.He started laying into her runting and riding her like a bull!Vennie shouted.."Hey man!What...oooohhh....jeeez...yo!''She couldn't believe it his dick was mincing her pussy.He was uncomfortably large but the friction inside her was warm and deep.Oh he was fucking her!She had to admit that if this was what it felt like then it was real good.Wanting to also have some control of the feelings she was experiencing she thrust her dainty ass back against the man.She loathed him but his big cock felt real nice!She pushed back against him harder !The unexpected physical response and movement of the Indian girl was to much for Steven.She milked him. He spurted strongly deep inside her,burrowing his finger in her ass as he came!Vennie felt her body shake and her face become flush.A tingling feeling began in her clit and raced up her.The man against her inner walls felt so hot and smooth.Then she felt a gush inside her and knew the man was shooting his stuff.She felt it landing time after time hotly in her body.When his finger went deeper into her ass,Vennie had her first true orgasm in front of Charles and Steven"Oh come here you wonderful little ho!''Charles rasped near to erupting after seeing the black bitch cum.He got Vennie to sit atop of him.Taking her in the cunt quickly.He stretched his hands down holding a buttock in each.He thrashed up wildly and after just four strokes released himself!

Bodrum when he was younger and still in demand as a freshman sire had had a full book of stud duty for three years running.He had been a chamipon racehorse.Winning Charles a long list of feature races.Unfortunately his offspring weren't and he had become an unfashionable sire.The big grey was old now but could still get it up.

The naked teens sat on the hay and watched him and the two bucks with dread.Ruzenka since the picking of her ripe cunt was dead scared of them!He beckoned for her to come over.She scrambled over to Charles her body looked lucious!Beneath Bodrum a four legged metal structure had been placed.Devised that his impossibly large and thick horsecock could be worked by the girls without him being able to move.He was firmly tethered.Charles pointed to the horses cock and made a jerking motion with his hand.There was no mistakeing his intentions!"Come Vennie you to!Bring the lube.I want you to show the dumbell what I want done!Put some on her hand.I want you two under the table either side of his dick.Work him till he comes.Hands and knees please!Keep your butts this side of the structure and nicely raised.Not listening and carrying out my instructions will result in a beating!''Vennie manouvered Ruzenka as per Charle's instructions and hands smeared got to work.The sight of two beautiful teens asses raised and working a cock as thick and long as his arm was invigorating for Charles!As they worked in silence their butts moved with their bodies.The two bucks stared mouths ajar at the moving buttocks before them.Charles motioned them to undress.They stood ready cocks hard.They looked at him questioningly.Charles let them stew a bit.Bodrum was making horsey sounds and blowing through his nose.The girls were working his member the way you would milk a cow.Charles gave the bucks the go ahead.They were up and at them.Giggling and chattering as they got behind the girls.The one lifted Ruzenka.She was standing but the top half of her body was bent double still working the sire.The man forced himself between her legs and wa sunk into her quickly.Charles suddenly had a change of heart!"Nooo!" he screamed just as the buck was about to mount Vennie.No!he thought not her!She was to precious!''The two of you take that bitch and fuck the shit out of her over there on the hay!''The men grabbed the Screaming Russian and pulled her by her arms to a corner of the stable.They shoved her over a bale of hay and started sodomising her dry ass.He turned Vennie to face him.She was so beautiful!His prized possession!She looked back at him.Then the cutest little show of defiance.She folded her arms looked at the wall.So cheeky! He thought.He laid her on her back so that she could still masturbate the horse.He knelt before her open legs wet her cunt and eased into her.Vennie had realized something by the way he had looked at her.He had not let the blackman take her.Instead they were busy with the Russian girl who screamed continuously as they rode her.Vennie saw in his eyes that in some weird and freaky way he cared for her.So she let him take her opening her legs to make it easier for him to enter her.He moaned as he thrust into her.Caressing her body.Not like before gently now seeking to pleasure her to.His finger wa working her clit as he took her.Suddenly he withdrew and buried his head in her cunt,lapping at her.Vennie felt his tongue slice up from her anus to her clit.His finger still massaging her clitoris.This new sensation brought on pleasurable reactions from her body.She started working the horse harder.It was huge and pulsating.She had to use both her hands to jack it off now.Charles was eating his beauty.He felt a pang of fear.Doubt sprang, up was he losing some of his control?
He genuinely felt sometjing for the girl.Her hips suddenly raised sharply up to meet his face.He felt a release f aginal juice gush ove his tongue.Vennie screamed as she came!His tongue lashing had felt good but the sudden pulseing and gush of hot horse semen from above had made Vennie cum hard!The horses torrential downpour of cum blasted all over her tits and tummy.Charles pulled her from under the horse and with two jerks fired his load to mix with the horses on her body.Charles and Vennie sat and watched the bucks.Sweating from the heat and their efforts one the another they spewed in the Russians ass.Charles took Vennies hand in his and held it tight.