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Myths, Tales and Rumors

2022-08-03 13:49:13

Myths, Tales and Rumors

by aliveinpr

My stories do not necessarily reflect my personal proclivities of desires, wants or fantasies. Read and enjoy.

Friday morning, Jane was pouring another cup of coffee as she just finished giving her husband a loving kiss and sent him off to work. She sat and began to organize her mind of the chores she needed to accomplish. Change the bedding, laundry, shopping...well, she thought, ‘we do need food, but I’m also going to splurge and get a new sexy nighty.’ She was hoping this weekend would be filled with sex and romance with her husband, Hector.

Her mind wondered about the last couple of weeks, their love making had slacked off. She knew it was partially her fault due to the work she was doing for the ‘women’s League’, a lot of time she had put in. As she was mentally planning her day, the door bell rang.

Jane went to the door and as soon as she opened it, in barged her friend Emily. “That fucking bastard, I’m still pissed off,” said Emily. Jane was stunned and said, “Well good morning to you too. What did Randolph do to piss you off?” Emily said, “I don’t mean to yell at you, I’ve been pissed ever sense Randolph got home last night.” Jane asked, “OK, what did he do this time?”

Emily said, “He got home and said he was horny at work and told me to get my shower and meet him in our bed. I got out of the shower, guess what? He was asleep on the bed, still dressed. That bastard was horny from looking at his secretary’s big boobs.”

Jane chuckled and said, “There’s nothing wrong with your boobs.” “Oh yeah,” Emily said, “even if I had twice the size of hers, he still wouldn’t be happy. Some times when I’m in the office, I think he would step on his tongue while sneaking peeks at her boobs.”

Emily plopped her self down as Jane poured her a cup of coffee. Jane said, “I’ve had a dry couple of weeks too, but this weekend, I’m going to let him have my body all weekend. That “Women’s League”, it’s over and I’ll have more time to devote to Hector.”

Emily said, “Maybe I need to find a real man to fuck, someone to pay attention to my needs.” “Oh,” said Jane, “you don’t mean that. You wouldn’t cheat on your husband.” Emily said, “Well the way I feel right now, if a good looking man walked in right now, I would rip his clothes off and fuck him on the floor.” Jane began laughing and said, “You’ll cool down. I bet you will attack Randolph when he gets home tonight. I’m going to pick up a new sexy nighty today, when Hector sees me, our weekend will be, DO NOT DISTURB.”

Emily was starring into space and Jane asked her what she was thinking. Emily said, “I wonder if the stories are true?” “What stories,” Jane asked. Emily then said, “I was at the gym the other day and two women in the locker room made comments about a new member. He’s black and they were talking about seeing the outline of a big cock under his spandex shorts. One of them said she heard that black men were better lovers than white men, they had stamina and could fuck for hours. They admitted to each other that they were going to fuck him when they had the chance.”

Jane laughed and said, “Yeah, those rumors have been around. I’ve heard them even back in high school. The part that they all had fat long cocks. Those myths have been around for ever.” Emily said, “I wonder how many sayings about black men were made up by black men so they could get girls in bed?” Jane chuckled and said, “That seems right, enticing women to think they would get a big cock if they were with black men.” Emily said, “I never thought about black men back then, but now, I don’t know.”

Thinking for a minute, Emily said, “Maybe they might be bigger, but next time I‘m at the gym, I going to pay attention and see his ‘bulge’. It still makes me hot to think about fucking someone with a fat long cock, Randolph doesn’t have what they were taking about in that department.”

Jane finished her chores and when shopping, she checked out lingerie. She found a sheer babydoll with crotchless panties. She couldn’t resist, even being on sale, it was a bargain to entice her husband. She was now praying that he would not be too tired when he got home. She planned to meet him at the door with a glass of wine wearing her new nighty. When he left for work, she had told him that her duties for the “Women’s League” were over and she could spend more time with him.

Just before Jane’s husband got home Friday night, Emily called and said, “That fucking bastard, he called and said he was going bowling with his buddies tonight and wouldn’t be home for dinner. I’ve had it, I’m going to the bar and get smashed. Maybe I might find a real man.” Jane said, “Come on EM, you wouldn’t cheat on Randolph, you’re married. Once you cool down, it will be OK.” “Maybe,” said Emily, “right now, I would strip naked for any man. I need sex, I don’t see anything promising from Randolph. My first step, get a stiff drink, then find a REAL MAN.”

Hector got home and his eyes lit up when seeing Jane in her new babydoll as she was handing him a glass of wine. They rushed to the bedroom where Jane began to suck his cock into her mouth as Hector finished removing his shirt. Jane was pushed away as Hector pushed her back on the bed and spread her legs. His face went between her legs and began to lap at her wet labia and clit. He was turned on that her panties were crotchless. Jane was nearing her first orgasm as Hector pulled up and inserted his cock into her. He began to pump his cock violently and then spewed his sperm into her womb. They laid together for a few minutes and then Hector rolled off and fell asleep. Jane was left unsatisfied, rolled over and fumed.

‘What the fuck,’ she thought, ‘a wham bam no thank you maam fuck, ten whole minutes’ Her mind turned to Emily, wondering what bar she went to. Right now, she was ready for a stiff drink too. Jane began crying and went to eat the dinner she had made. She stirred it around on her plate for a few minutes and then dumped the whole dinner in the trash. She started to think Emily was right, she needed a man to please her.

Saturday morning, Hector came into the kitchen and poured his coffee. Jane thought, ‘no kiss, no good morning sweetheart, you were hot in bed last night, no nothing. Who the fuck did I marry?’ Jane was still in her babydoll and it had no effect on her husband. Hector grabbed his golf bag and left for most of the day. Her eyes began to water up and she ran from the kitchen, stripped and got into the shower.

She felt the soothing water cascade over her body as she wondered if black men were batter lovers. She thought, ‘about ten minutes last night and Hector was finished. He was so fast, I hardly felt his cock. Would a black man give me the pleasure Emily was taking about?’ Jane dried off and wearing only her panties, she sat up on the bed with her laptop computer. She searched for pictures of black men, not much for her to see, then she changed her search for black men’s cocks.

Jane’s eyes almost popped out of her head. ‘Now,’ she thought, ‘just what I needed to see, maybe the stories are true.’ She saw monster cocks and was beginning to soak her panties. Some were hard, some flaccid, some light brown, some coal black. Her mind began reeling, the thoughts of those cocks fucking into her vagina, specially dark black against her white skin. She brought up more pictures...some circumcised, some not, some smooth, some with heavy veins. All seemed to be average in the eight inch range, a good two inches more than her husband. When she saw some to be twelve to fourteen inches long, her mouth began to drool as her pussy muscles spasmed. She then searched for interracial sex...now her eyes really opened wide at her discovery. She watched two short videos of a white woman being fucked by a black man with a monster cock, screaming to be fucked harder. She shut down the computer and had to wipe her pussy dry as she began to calm and breath normally again.

That night, no interest from Hector. She just curled up in bed, she tried to get to sleep. She waited for her husband’s hand to caress her, but he was soon snoring. She had hoped for some sort of intimacy. Unable to sleep, she then went to the study to watch more videos. At least, her fingers helped with her wet and spasming pussy as she watched more interracial porn videos, white women screaming to be fucked as black cocks were thrust into them.

Sunday, she went about her normal chores wearing a ‘T’ shirt and shorts. She noticed that her husband didn’t even try to touch her, no kisses, no intimacy or romance she had planned for the weekend. That night, after Hector went to sleep, she went into the study and turned on the computer. Like before, her search was for interracial porn.

For two hours, she watched white women being impaled by fat, long black cocks. It excited her to see cum oozing from the women’s pussies after they had been fucked between thirty minutes to an hour by their black lovers. Jane’s panties were saturated as she masturbated her clit. She pictured herself to be the white woman in the videos.

Monday morning, she saw her husband off to work and then ran to the study to boot up the computer. As she waited, she poured another cup of coffee and returned to the study. She had become obsessed with interracial porn. As she started a video, the door bell rang. ‘Fuck, what now, who in Hell could that be?’ she thought.

When she opened the door, Emily was standing there with a smile across her face. Jane asked her, “Did Randolph do his husbandly duties finally?” “Oh, God,” said Emily, “not Randolph, but the man, THE MAN, I met at the bar. He took me to a motel and fucked me for three yours. He filled my pussy with cum four times. It was fantastic.” Jane’s eyes enlarged and she asked, “You mean you cheated on Randolph? What the fuck girl.” Emily grinned and said, “He had a really fat and long cock. He went into me farther than any man has ever gone. My pussy is still stretched out and I think I still have some of his cum in me, he was real deep.”

Jane poured her a cup of coffee and they migrated to the study. Jane didn’t realize she still had a video playing on the computer. Emily sat down and just as she was tilting her cup to her lips, she shouted, “Oh, my God. That looks like the cock that ruined my pussy Friday night.” Jane thought for a minute and asked, “What, a black man? Did you fuck a black guy?” “Oh, God yes,” Emily said, “it was the best fucking I have ever had. His cock was fatter and longer than Randolph’s, more than twice his size and this guy never got soft.”

Jane asked, “What are you going to say to Randolph? Are you going to confess that you cheated?” “Hell no,” said Emily, “He doesn’t have to know a thing, only you know. If he does find out, I’ll know you were the tattle tale.” Jane said, “I won’t say anything, that’s your guilt trip. Now tell me what happened.” Emily said, “He came up to me at the bar and offered to buy me another drink. He was big, husky and made my pussy shudder and leak. We talked a bit, he saw my rings and asked where my husband was. I just said, ‘I don’t care’. His hand went to my thigh, right at the hem of my skirt and I was so turned on, my legs spread. His fingers went right under my panties and into my pussy.”

“My God, Emily, what did you do?” Emily said, “I’m not sure, but I think I pushed my pussy into his fingers. He asked me if we should go somewhere that was more private. I almost said, ‘fuck me right here’, I was ready, but I just told him we could go wherever he wanted. It seemed like in an instant he had a motel room and we were stripping each other. Once I had his cock out, I knew that’s what I needed and wanted. That cock was the biggest, most marvelous thing I have ever seen.”

Emily said, “I see you seem to be interested in black cock. That one in the video looks good and big, something you need in your pussy.” Jane said, “Oh, I can’t cheat on Hector. I would be so guilty and he would know something was wrong, he would see it in my eyes. I’ve never lied to him, it’s tempting, but I can’t cheat.” Emily said, “Just think about it. I’m going to meet Elroy, my ‘bull’, again Friday. You should come along, you should meet him.” Jane said, “I’m not going to a motel with you two.”

Emily began to laugh and said, “No silly, I’m not offering my ‘bull’ to you. If you do decide to fuck a black man, it’s not going to be mine. I think you need to have a night out, a few drinks and let your hair down. I don’t expect you to tag along when I leave to fuck my ‘bull’. We’ll take a cab to the bar, no driving after drinking.” Jane thought, ‘I would like to see this hunk she’s talking about, I wonder if he’s anything like the guys in the videos. Maybe it would be good to get out of the house.’ Jane said, “It’s early in the week, let me think about it. I’ll call you.”

Emily talked about the orgasms she had and all the positions her black lover had her in. Emily said that on the way back to the bar, she was oozing cum soaking her skirt and the seat of his car. Emily said, “You don’t know what you’re missing. Even if my lover isn’t available, I’ll just find another black man, maybe two or more. Black cock and lov’n is the best.” Jane asked, “What about Randolph?” “I don’t give a shit about him, he can fuck his hand for all I care,” said Emily.

For the rest of the week, Jane spent her spare time at the computer, masturbating while watching white women being fucked by black men. On Thursday, she then searched for interracial gang bangs. Her eyes were wide open as her fingers frantically fucked her pussy and clit. White women fucked by several black men. Jane saw ads between the videos for sex toys and realized she needed a dildo, a large dildo. Searching the locations of adult book stores, she found one right there in ‘river city’, close to home. She donned her sweat pants and ran to her car. She entered the store and located the dildo section.

As she was looking for what she wanted, she realized the crotch of her sweat pants were getting wet. She then realized, without a bra, her nipples were pressed against the fabric of her ‘Tee’ shirt. She picked up a black dildo, twelve inches long and two inches in diameter. She wanted to suck it right away, but it was still packaged in plastic. As she approached the woman at the register, she realized that her vaginal juices were now soaking down one leg of her sweat pants. The clerk looked at her and said, “Don’t worry honey, it’s common, especially when thinking about fucking a black man, I’m the same way.” Jane turned red, paid for her dildo and hurried from the store.

Jane was frustrated, she was enamored by the black men she watched in the videos, and the still pictures of black cocks. Thinking back, ‘It wasn’t all my fault that Hector and I haven’t had sex lately. We used to fuck all the time, but now he doesn’t seem to be in the mood. I initiate sex, I’m not like other women, that say ‘not tonight dear’ or ‘I have a headache’. He just doesn’t seem to want to please me, even wearing my new babydoll nighty.’ I don’t know what to do. She then unwrapped her new purchase, rubbed hand lotion on it and began to insert it into her pussy. She began to grunt as she felt the pain. She was disappointed in the pain her fake black cock caused.

She began to wonder what Emily was talking about, Emily said it was the most pleasure she has ever had. ‘This son of a bitch really hurts,’ she thought. Jane only had about an inch into her when she pulled it out and put it away deep in the bottom of her dresser drawer.

That night, Jane couldn’t get to sleep thinking why she didn’t get pleasure from her dildo. Upset, she went to the study and began watching interracial porn. She was getting horny and with her juices flowing, she went to the bedroom and got her dildo.

As she watched a white woman screaming to be fucked harder by a monster black cock, she didn’t realize that she had almost half of her dildo stretching her pussy without any pain. She pushed more into her, inch by inch and when it hit her cervix, she was shaking, her mouth open and eyes rolling to the back of her head. She held the dildo steady as she rocked her pussy on the chair.

She felt the feeling coming, a hard orgasm building and taking over her body as she watched “herself” being fucked in the video. “Oh, my God. Oh, my God,” she kept moaning. She had two more orgasms before tumbling onto the floor. She laid quiet for a long time as her dildo was now more than ten inches inside her. She slowly slid it out and cuddled it between her breasts, whimpering, “Thank you my black lover”, before going back to bed.

Emily visited Friday morning for their coffee chats. Emily said, “You look like you’ve been fucked, and fucked real good.” Jane said, “I have a friend, it’s black and twelve inches long. It was my first black lover last night.” Emily said, “Oh, your FIRST? Does that mean you want to go with me to the bar and meet my ‘bull’?” Jane smiled and said, “I don’t think I’m ready, I do want the real thing, but a ‘rain check’ for tonight.” “What about Hector,” asked Emily. “He can find his own black cock, he’s not interested in pussy,” shot Jane. They both laughed as Emily called Elroy.

Jane heard Emily, “Oh, yeah, my friend needs to discover black cock, but she says she’s not ready. Oh, I like your idea, I would like another black cock...oh, suck one while ones fucking me, God, that’s hot. I’ll meet you tonight.” Jane asked her what the plan was, and Emily said, “He’s going to have another black man, so I’ll have two black cocks to fuck me since you won’t be there.”

Jane began to think, ‘Oh, those gang bangs, God, those were really hot. Wonder what that would feel like, but if I do find a black man, I’ll stick to just one before thinking about more. I really want to try a big black cock like Emily. Hector isn’t giving me pleasure, maybe I should find a black man. Maybe the rumors are real about black men.’

Saturday, Jane did her shopping and decided to stop at a coffee shop to check her shopping list and relax. She sat near the window and as she looked around, there was a black man sitting alone at a table. She noticed in the reflection of the window, he seemed to have a bulging crotch and rubbed his hand over it once in a while. She began to wonder how big his cock was as the man saw her staring.

Jane’s face was reddening when the black man got up and approached her table. “May I talk with you?” he asked. Jane heard his accent as she told him she would be happy to have company. He sat and introduced himself as Dijon, and that he was from Jamaica. “It’s nice to meet you, my name is Jane,” she said. Dijon said, “I’m new here and I don’t know where anything is.” Jane asked, “What are you trying to find?” He said, “Well, the Post Office for one, I need stamps so I can send letters back home.”

Jane smiled and said, “I would be happy to run you around town and show you the different shops, government buildings and places of entertainment.” “That would be so nice,” said Dijon, “you are so sweet to do that for me.” They finished their coffee and Jane took Dijon’s hand and led him to her car. Her first stop was to show him where the Post Office was. Dijon purchased the stamps he needed and got back in the car.

As they drove a few blocks, Dijon boldly placed his hand on her thigh and said, “I saw you looking at my crotch in the coffee shop. Do you need to see my cock?” Jane was quiet as her face reddened again. She didn’t know what to say. He lifted his hand from her thigh and took her hand and placed it on his pants covered cock. “Jamaicans have big cocks mon,” said Dijon.

Jane’s eyes enlarged as she stared forward hoping not to get into an accident. Her hand began to rub the large object under his pants and her vaginal muscles began to spasm. Dijon said, “It’s OK, in Jamaica, sex is normal, even on the public beaches. American women come to Jamaica to get sex, even with their husbands.” Jane was so turned on that she began rubbing his bulge harder.

Dijon then said, “I’ll take it out for you if you want.” Jane pulled over and parked knowing that she couldn’t concentrate on her driving. “Oh, God,” Jane said, “Please let me see your black cock.” Dijon unzipped his pants, lifted his hips and slid his pants and shorts to his knees. Jane stared at a live monster black cock and immediately her hands began to stroke it. “I’ve seen pictures,” said Jane, “but never seen or felt a real black cock.” ‘Oh, my God,’ thought Jane, ‘this cock is so much bigger than Hector’s’, as she felt pre-cum oozing from his urethra. Dijon said, “Hey mon, I’m still in a hotel right now, been looking for an apartment. Would you like to see my hotel room?”

All Jane could say, “Where’s your hotel?” It didn’t take long for her to drive to his hotel and park. They were in the elevator when Jane again ran her hand over his crotch. She asked, “Do you like to fuck white women?” Dijon said, “Oh, yes. I’ve fucked many in Jamaica, the white girls love my black cock, mon. Sometimes their husbands hire me to spend the night with their wives in their hotel rooms.”

Jane grabbed Dijon’s hand and almost ran to his room after exiting the elevator. As Dijon was unlocking the door, Jane had his belt undone and zipper down before entering the room.

Jane dropped to her knees and pulled his pants and shorts down to expose the black cock she wanted. She licked the pre-cum and then sucked his monster into her mouth. She tried, but was unable to get the bulbous head to her throat. As she tried working his cock to her throat, Dijon removed his shirt and stepped out of his pants. He bent and unbuttoned Jane’s blouse and unfastened her bra. Dijon then pulled his cock out of her mouth and lifted her and pushed her back on the bed.

He pushed her skirt up to her waist and pulled her panties off. “What a lovely white pussy,“ Dijon said as he plunged his face into her crotch and began to lick her labia and clit. Jane arched her back as she felt an orgasm approaching. Her eyes closed as she lifted and spread her legs to allow him better access to her vagina. She was seeping her fluids as the muscles and nerves from her head down to her vaginal canal pulsed and spasmed. Dijon began to lap as her clit as two fingers entered her and massaged her ‘G’ spot.

“Oh, my God, oh, my God,” she moaned as her climax hit. Her hands encased his head and pulled him tighter to her and her legs spasmed in the air. Dijon then looked up and asked her what she wanted. Jane said, “Oh, I want your cock in me.” Dijon, with a stern voice demanded, “White girl, tell me what you want.” She opened her eyes and said, “I want you to fuck me, please, fuck me.”

Dijon just stared at her and said, “Married white women need to make clear what they want from Jamaicans.” Jane screamed, “FUCK THIS MARRIED WHITE PUSSY WITH YOUR BIG BLACK COCK. FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD.” She then felt her labia stretch open as her first black cock was now opening her up. Her arms stretched out and grabbed the sheets as her legs were now pushed back toward her breasts. Inch by inch was increasing into her as her vaginal muscles were now squeezing the invading monster, trying to pull him further into her. Dijon looked into her pleading eyes as he pushed more of his black cock into her tight pussy. He bent down and their lips met as Jane opened her mouth to allow his tongue to fuck her mouth as his cock was fucking her pussy. Dijon held her tight and flipped her over and kept thrusting deep into her. Without a word spoken, Jane felt Dijon’s cock swell and then began to throb as his cum was injected deep into her womb. Jane was stunned and glad she was on birth control. With the amount of cum he filled her with, she would certainly have become pregnant.

She laid quietly with Dijon as he kissed and sucked her breasts. Jane thought, ‘by now, Hector would be asleep. Oh my God,’ she thought, ‘Hector, I just cheated on my husband.’ Jane began to cry. She didn’t know what to do, she had cheated on the man she loved, the man she married and swore to be faithful to. She sat up on the side of the bed and felt Dijon’s cum begin to run down her leg.

Dijon asked, “What’s wrong, why are you crying?” Jane looked down at her leg watching the cum ooze from her pussy. Jane said, “Oh, Dijon, I cheated on my husband. I can’t be doing this, I can’t have sex with other men.” Dijon said, “I don’t understand, in Jamaica, white men pay to watch us fuck their wives. Usually the entire time they are there.” “But,” said Jane, “We are in America, that doesn’t happen.” Dijon said, “Maybe your husband needs to see how Jamaican’s fuck their wives. Your husband needs to see my black cock fuck you, he needs to see your pleasure.”

Jane was still crying and feeling guilty as she quickly dressed. Jane was leaving as she said, “I’m sorry Dijon, I can’t do this, I cheated on my husband. He’s going to be mad, maybe divorce me if he finds out.” Dijon grabbed her hand to keep her from leaving and said, “How is he going to find out. We are the only ones that know. Come and lay with me again.” Jane pulled away and ran down the hall crying. She knew her guilt, Hector would surely know something was wrong just looking at her, he would see it in her eyes.

Jane cried all the way home. She didn’t know what she was going to do. The first thing when getting home, was a shower to clean any evidence of sex from her body. She changed into clean clothes and buried the clothes that had the smell of Dijon lingering in the hamper. She tried to eliminate any signs of cheating. Her only problem, she couldn’t stop crying.

Once Hector got home, she couldn’t look at her husband. Anytime he asked a question or tried to talk, she would choke up and almost begin to cry. Hector pulled his wife into his arms and asked, “Honey, what’s wrong, you seem to be preoccupied.” Jane said, “Oh, well, uh, I met a man in the coffee shop. He’s new to the United States. He asked me where the Post Office was, so I took him to the Post Office, then showed him around town...Oh, shit, I’m so sorry, I cheated on you.” Jane pulled from her husband and ran to the bedroom and cried as she dropped onto the bed.

Hector went and sat next to his wife. He asked, “What are you talking about. Maybe you should tell me what happened. Showing a strange man around town doesn’t mean you cheated.” Jane calmed as tears streaked her cheeks and said, “I really don’t know what happened, I drove him around and showed him places he needed to know. I couldn’t help it, but I keep seeing a large bulge in his pants. I had asked him about Jamaica and the subject turned to where husbands brought their white wives on vacation and hired Jamaican men to fuck them with their black cocks.”

“Hector, the next thing I remember, I pulled over as he had his big black cock exposed and, I don’t know why, but I had to look at it. It was so big. The next thing, I was in his hotel room, naked and wanting him to fuck me. My mind was only thinking about wanting his cock in me, for some reason, I wasn’t married, you didn’t exist. It was like a time before we knew each other. Once I realized his cum was oozing from me, did I feel guilty realizing I cheated, I was married and had the best husband in the world. I have felt so bad, I’m so sorry, please forgive me.” Jane then began to cry again as she sat and leaned against her husband.

Hector stood up, looked at his crying wife and walked out of the bedroom. Jane laid back on the bed and continued to cry. She knew Hector hated her, she had cheated and was a slut in his eyes. Since Hector didn’t say anything, she didn’t know what was going to happen now. A divorce, a separation, what he would decide, she didn’t know. She knew she was finally truthful and confessed her cheating.

Once her body couldn’t cry anymore, Jane realized the house was quiet and she thought that Hector had left. She got up and went to the living room. She looked around, she couldn’t find Hector. She then heard a moan and looked toward the study. She went to the door and saw Hector at the computer. She walked in and was stunned. On the screen, she saw a video playing. She saw a black man fucking a white woman. Hector looked up at her and she saw him smile.

“What the hell?” She said. Hector smiled and said, “I wish I could have watched you...a big black cock driving into your white pussy.” Jane was stunned as she glanced back at the screen. She asked, “What are you talking about?” Hector said, “I’ve always wondered what it would be like if you were fucked by a black man. I’ve watched interracial porn, even before we were married. White wives fucked by black men turn me on.” Jane looked down at her husband and then saw his pants open, he had been masturbating.

“But,” she said, “I cheated on you with another man.” Hector said, “Yeah, I wish I was there to see him fuck you.” Jane was stunned and then finally asked, “So, you’ve wanted to see me being fucked by other men?” Hector said, “Not just other men, but black men.” Jane said, “Dijon said husbands chose Jamaica for their vacations just to hire black men to fuck their wives. He said it was very common and he had been hired many times to fuck white women.”

Both were quiet as they had dinner and then retired to the bedroom. Hector began running his hands over Jane’s body as he asked her to describe her experience. Jane felt embarrassed as Hector kept asking for the details. Jane then said, “I had his pants open before he opened the door to his room. His cock was so big. I sucked his cock a little, but he wanted to fuck me, I wanted that too. He asked me what I wanted, so I told him I wanted him to fuck my white pussy. God his cock was so big, he fucked me deeper than anyone ever has. Once I felt his cum pumping into my womb, did I remember I was married and I was a cheater. Please, don’t hate me for cheating, I love you and don’t ever want us to be separated.”

Jane felt Hectors fingers pumping in and out of her pussy. She reached and found his cock hard and oozing pre-cum. Hector rolled Jane onto her back and thrust his cock into her. She began to coo as this was the second time in one day that she was fucked. Hector asked, “Did his cock feel good?” “Oh, yes,” answered Jane. “Was his cock longer than mine?” asked Hector, “Oh, yes baby, he went deep into me,” she answered.

Suddenly Hector fucked fast and furiously and then filled her with his seed. Jane felt better that she had confessed as she laid with her legs spread as Hector’s cock pulled out. Hector laid between her legs and said, “I wish that was his cum running out of you.” He then pushed his face between her legs and began to lick her labia, cleaning his cum from her pussy.

Jane felt better as she kissed Hector as he left for work. She sat with her coffee when the phone rang. Emily sounded excited when she said, “It was so good.” Jane asked, “You cheated again? Was it Elroy again?” “Yeah,” said Emily, “we thought you might come along, so he had his friend Caleb there. You didn’t show up, so I got two black cocks all night.” Jane said, “Well, I found my own black man.” There was a chuckle from Emily and then she asked, “What bar did you find him in?” Jane said, “In a coffee shop. I went to his hotel room and was impressed with his big black cock.”

Emily said, “I don’t know what to tell Randolph, I guess I’ll keep it secret and keep seeing my two black studs.” Joan said, “I admitted to Hector that I cheated.” “Wow,” said Emily, “What happened, is he filing for a divorce? Jane said, “You won’t believe it, but he was disappointed that he couldn’t watch.” Emily was stunned and asked, “What are you going to do now?” Jane said, “I’m going to ask Dijon to dinner to meet Hector. We may end up in my bedroom where Hector can finally watch me being fucked by a black man.”

Emily said, “You lucky fucking bitch. I wonder if Randolph might be like that.” Jane said, “It just happened that watching me fucked by a black man was a fantasy of Hectors. We both confessed, his fantasy and my cheating...I won’t be cheating anymore, this is something Hector wants, we both want.”

Emily then asked, “I found out the truth. Did you find out that black men had bigger cocks? Are they better lovers than white men?” Jane said, “No, no they aren’t myths or rumors, Dijon’s cock is bigger than Hector’s and he fucks longer and doesn’t fall asleep after he shoots his cum. My opinion, black men are better lovers than white men...well at least better than my husband.”

Jane ended her conversation with Emily and then called room 504. She invited Dijon to dinner at 6 pm. She then called Hector at work and told him that they were going to have a guest for dinner. She said, “If you work late, Dijon and I will eat and begin before you get home.” Hector said, “Oh, fuck, my cock is so hard. I’ll be there after work, I don’t want to miss this.” They both laughed as they hung up.

Hector was home early. Jane was surprised that Hector was a model host as he greeted Dijon and they discussed America and Jamaica. Dinner finished, Jane had cleaned the kitchen as Hector and Dijon chatted in the living room. Jane left the kitchen and while walking through the living room she dropped her blouse and bra as she walked toward the bedroom. The men were quick to follow.

Jane was naked when the men entered the bedroom and she was quick to help Dijon undress. Jane was going to make her time with Dijon last. She knelt and took his cock into her mouth as Hector marveled at the size of the black cock his wife was sucking. She was able to get most of his cock to her throat. She massaged his balls as her tongue swabbed the length of his cock. She looked up at Dijon, seeing his smile as she was swallowing his cum, it caused her own orgasm to rapidly build.

Dijon then laid between her legs as his tongue swiped between her labia. His fingers strummed her clit as her back arched and pushed her vagina into his face. Her eyes half closed, she saw her husband masturbating as he was kneeling close to watch another man making love to his wife. Jane began shuddering as her legs spasmed. Her nerves tingled from her brain to her pussy. She mumbled, Oh, fuck, oh fuck, I’m cumming. OH, GOD, YES, OH, GOD. FUCK ME, FUCK ME.” Dijon then rose up, brought his body up where his bulbous cock head began stroking up and down on her labia.

“PUT IT IN”, she heard Dijon order Hector. She shuddered as she saw her husband hold Dijon’s cock and place it inside her vaginal canal. She was now positive that her husband truly wanted to watch another man fuck her. Hector’s head was close as he watched a big black cock slowly slide up his wife’s pussy toward her cervix. “WHAT DO YOU WANT, HECTOR?” Dijon asked. Hector yelled, “FUCK MY WIFE, FUCK HER PUSSY HARD. FUCK HER, FUCK HER.” Dijon began to furiously fuck Jane as she squirmed and shook with a strong orgasm.

As she looked into the eyes of her black lover, she could also see her husband smiling as his eyes were fixed on watching a black cock fucking his wife’s white pussy. Jane kept thrusting her pelvis into Dijon, as her legs locked behind his ass pulling him into her. “WHAT DO YOU WANT SLUT?” Asked Dijon. Jane yelled, “FUCK ME...CUM IN ME, GIVE ME YOUR BLACK SEED. FUCK ME.” Jane saw her husband’s eyes enlarge as he smiled and said, “Yes, fuck her, cum in her, CUM IN HER, FILL HER WITH YOUR CUM.”

Dijon began to grunt as he moaned, “If she’s fertile, she’s going to be pregnant now.” Jane moaned, “Oh, God, I feel it...Oh, so good, yes give me that cum.” She squeezed her klegal muscles milking his cock, she wanted every last drop. Dijon slowly pulled away as he held her legs up and back toward her breasts. Dijon said, “Lick her pussy, clean her out, I’m going to fuck her again. Clean her for me.” Hector didn’t hesitate as his tongue began to lick and swab her labia and vaginal opening.

Jane’s legs were shaking as she watched her husband licking and sucking another mans cum from her pussy. Dijon laid on the bed and ordered Jane to mount him. She rolled over and straddled his body. Jane then ordered her husband, “Put his cock in me.” Hector held Dijon’s black cock and lined it up to his wife’s pussy. She then began to lower her body as she moaned, “Oh, God, that feels so good.” Her body sank to his groin and she began to rock back and forth as his cock rocked against her cervix. Hector was watching closely as he heard his wife moan, “Fuck, Oh, fuck, so good. That’s such a big cock, so good, fuck, fuck.”

Jane enjoyed Dijon’s cock all night. When the sunlight came through the window, Hector called work and took the day off. He made coffee as his wife and her black lover laid connected together. When Jane and Dijon finally came into the kitchen naked, Hector smiled and said, “Jane, since Dijon is new here, why don’t we let him live here until he finds an apartment. It would save him the expense of a hotel.” Dijon said, “That might not be a good idea, you know I would want to fuck your wife all day long as you work.”

Hector said, “Just my thought, that’s why I offered you to stay here.” Jane hugged her husband and asked, “You would want to come home and find my pussy full of cum if he stayed here?” Hector said, “Exactly, we would like that wouldn’t we?” All three laughed and Hector’s proposal was unanimously agreed upon. Once dressed they went to the hotel and packed Dijon’s belongings and moved him into the Reynolds home.

Jane made a quick call to Emily, “My black lover is moving in with us, no rumors, tales or myths about my black lover. I can have big black cock any time, fucked for hours with my husbands knowledge. In my house, black tales are true.” Emily began to speak when Jane said, “Got to go and get fucked.” She then hung up.