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Monday was great ( Pt 6 )

2022-05-13 00:00:59

Rick turned up at 10.30 as planned, Grant had left to go back home today for work, so I told Rick to use the douche before we headed of.
As we drove there I told him to pretend he was my son today just for fun, and go along with any thing we did, he smiled and said OK,

As I stripped of my dress, and began walking along the beach, guys chatted to us both, Rick turned and said Mum, these guys like your body, I laughed saying “That’s not all” as we lay the beach blanket out, he sat next to me.

The guys didn’t seem to know what to do, thinking Rick was my son, but his hard cock was easy to see, and I knelt up saying “Mummy can’t leave you like that, Can I” and sucked his cock into my mouth, within seconds, the guys started to play with my tits and pussy, and the first of many cocks went straight in, Rick looked on, Then going along with the act, said “Oh mummy, would daddy approve”

Then he swung under me licking my clit as the cock in me, exploded cum from his balls, into then over my pussy, I saw Rick lick some up, then return to licking my clit, as another cock took its place. Soon he too filled me with juice, so I swung around, sinking first go onto Rick’s hard member, then told Jim to fuck my arse. As his cock went in, Rick’s eyes widened, and he trust harder, I told him to take it steady and enjoy the ride, as Jim began to pound my butt.

After awhile, Rick’s cock pulsed, swelling up then spitting cum as deep inside as he could, it was just then a guy pushed his cock in his mouth, and blew a wad of cum in and over his face, we both licked it up. Jim continued fucking me, Rick’s cock softened and slipped out,

I moved over a new cock and again the DP went on. Rick sitting back, watching guy after guy fuck me, soon his cock grew and he began to stroke himself, I looked on, as a few guys wanked, then cum over my face, I said to Rick, fancy a cock, or two, he shyly said yes, and with that I told one of them to fuck his arse, before he did I pulled him close, so I could watch, the 8 inch cock slipped in slowly, Rick’s eyes popping out with every move.

Soon they were going hard, Rick pushing back, on each trust, it was to much, the guy called out as his cock emptied deep in Rick’s butt, I told Jim to try his near virgin arse. He pulled out of me and moved over, Rick’s look of nervousness showed, as inch by inch Jim slid his huge cock head into his butt, lubricated by cum it went all the way in and groans of delight came from Rick’s mouth, Jim now fucking him flat out also liked the virgin butts feel.

I had taken some 4 or 5 more loads of cum, when Jim told Rick he was going to shoot his juices in his butt, Rick was so high now I don’t think he heard, as I think his first anal orgasm hit home, Jim let loose, both jumping around in ecstasy, with the feelings flooding though them. As Jim moved back I went under Rick, eating the hot cum that run freely from his well-fucked butt then sucked his cock, taking his second load for the day.

We both carried on fucking guys, and Rick now seemed to like his new found sexual fun, then when most of the lunch time guys were there, and had fucked us for some time, I took them for a walk, Jim knew and lay me down, Rick looked on as guys pissed over me, I told a few to fill my butt or pussy with piss to, and they did, Rick was shocked, but his hard cock gave away the sexual delight also. So grabbing his hard cock I told him to try, it seems stage fright had got the better of him, and he wasn’t able to pee, but as Jim lay down I let loose my bladder and soaked his face. We took a rinse of in the sea and returned to the blanket.

It was then I told Mark to try fucking Rick’s butt, he had already given my pussy and arse a good fucking and dropped one load of cum in me, so I knew he would enjoy a new butt to fuck. Again Rick looked concerned at the size of Mark’s long cock, but I said try it, and see how much you can get in, with that Mark lubed up his cock with spit and began the slow journey in. I slid under Rick watching all, as guys fucked my pussy and butt, inch by inch Mark took control, Rick beginning to push back and enjoy the feeling of a huge cock fucking him.

It took around 5 minutes for Mark to get all his hard rod fully in, Rick now going from one anal orgasm to another was getting off on this fun. I sucked his cock, taking a load of boy juice, but still his cock stayed hard as Mark fucked him faster. Rick gagged on a guys load, as cum spilled onto me, then Mark let loose, the pressure in Rick’s butt now took over. Mark must have shot reams of cum in him, as I licked up what I could, then again Rick’s cock spewed cum all over me as another orgasm shot though him, then he lay on top of me, limp, exhausted, Marks cock now soft dripped cum. As I licked up the mess above my face, my own pussy and butt soaked in cum got a good licking from Rick.

I was feeling kinky again and took the guys for a walk to the water, laying down, I looked up, and said 'who's first' as the guys held their cocks warm pee began to flow, washing my face and boobs clean of cum, After they had all emptied their bladders, we washed of in the sea. and a few took turns filling my holes with cocks, before we moved back up the beach.

It was soon time to head home, with several guy's following us, then as before, we played some more. I got the bench out and called Prince in. Rick’s eyes were wide open now, as I lent over the bench, Prince didn’t need any help, a quick lick then he jumped up. His cock went straight in; around half first push then more each trust. Rick sat speechless, as guys fucked my mouth, then Prince sped up, his cock now pumping as fast as ever into my well lubed pussy, it opened up my cervix and his knot began to enter my hole, Rick let out a loud wow as it went in, Prince now slowed some as we became one. I loved the feeling of his huge cock fucking my cunt, and cervix, the knot held tight as Prince growled indicating his cock was filling my body with juices.


The cum flowed and Jim went down licking up the juices pouring from my pussy, as Prince waited, then pulled out, Jim took as much as he could kissing me and sharing it all, I told Rick to fuck my doggy cum soaked hole, he did. He gave me a good fucking but not for long as his seed shot deep inside topping up the cum pool.

As I stood. Grant was stripping of, his cock hard as rock, slipped straight up my arse, saying how hot seeing me take Prince looked, he shot his load pretty quickly in me, and then took on a nice hard cock in his own butt. Rick now asked what it felt like being fucked by Prince, saying it looked bloody hot. I told him it was great, the size and speed being so much better than guy’s cocks, and the amount of cum, was so hot inside. I also said when he fucks our arse its even better; his eyes once more showed a look of total shock.

We played for awhile longer, Prince now licking his cock back to life, so Grant got over the bench, Mark’s cock in his butt from below, I helped Prince enter his hole. Rick looked on intensely, as inch by inch it went it, both fucking hard, Grant having orgasm after orgasm now.

Then like before after some 20 minutes the knot went in, Prince now held tight once more unloaded a huge amount of cum in Grant, Mark groaning as his cock was gripped tight in a almighty anal orgasm. Then he to let loose, filling Grant with his cum. Rick had been taking a few cocks while this went on, but all the time watching Prince fuck Grants butt, and then when the cum flowed out, he too, put his hand under and took some cum, hesitating before licking his hand clean, I took more in my mouth, then kissed his deep sharing it with him.

I told Rick we had only just got into doggy sex with Prince last week, after he licked my pussy clean then jumped up, but now we both loved the way he filled our holes to the max, and the amount of cum was great too. He said that it was so kinky but good to see, and loved the way we both had orgasm with Prince fucking us. Grant moved behind Rick, pushing his cock in deep, and fucking him hard, before moving back, to allow another guy to take over, then Grant aimed his cock back in and began to dp him, Rick said it was tight but to keep trying. Inch by inch Grants cock went in, Rick had another anal orgasm, Grant told Rick, he was ball deep and fucked him hard.

For his first dp Rick did well, the guy under him blew his load, and Grant, pulled out, telling Rick to sit over his face so he could eat the cum from his butt, he did and with Grants tongue probing his hole Rick let out another anal orgasm. Then Grant got a cock in his butt and told Rick to dp him too, he did and they gave Grant a good fucking before both set one another off in a cum feast. I slid under him and licked up the white seed. Then kissed Rick again sharing cum with him.

We all played for a while longer, before things went quite around 6ish, Jim and Rick both stayed back for a light meal. Then seeing Rick’s cock hard once more I got him to fuck my arse again, he did, and took more time now, moving me and himself around to try different angle, then as before Grant slid his cock into Rick’s butt, as Jim then began to fuck him, one long daisy chain of anal fun, Rick looked back to see the action going on in and behind him. I was in bliss, with all my guys fucking one another I had anal orgasms galore, then it seemed one set the other off, as all 3 guys started to make noises and shook, cuming together, spent they all lay down laughing.

Jim was first to ask, Rick about what made him try anal, he told him he was tricked into it by us, but loved it, and hopes he can continue with anal fun, with us and others. Because we said we lived some way away, Jim would be happy to help him with that, and make sure they swapped numbers. I also told Rick that his father loved fucking Grants butt to, so who knows, what could happen,

Grant told me to fuck him with our vibes and dildos, Rick looked on excited as I put the strap on on and the 10-inch vibe in it. With a small amount of lube I told him to bend over, pushing the vibe in slowly, he shook and moved around on the toy. With some 6 inches in, his first anal orgasm by a toy took control and he loved it. Pushing back harder onto his new mount, it all went in, and I fucked him flat out, pounding him for some time, taking him thought many anal orgasms, he called uncle and I pulled out.

Then just to show Rick, Grant took the huge 12-inch dildo and let me fuck him hard, after having quite a few anal orgasms Grant said “Rick’s turn now”

Rick said “no way’, as the guys held him, the dildo made him squeal as it went in, I took it slow, and saw Rick begin to relax a bit, as every inch went in, his movements showed he was liking it more and more, then with a loud cry, he had one huge anal orgasm, it was then I pushed it right home, he jumped but the guys held him still, all 12 inches now fully up his arse, he moaned it pain but also pleasure, As I began to fuck him more. I kept going for some time, then his last anal orgasm was huge, he screamed out loud and shook voilently, so we let him up. He fell lazily over the bench. Just for fun Jim slid his cock in his butt and gave him a few more strokes before cumming deep up his butt once more.

After we rested and talked Jim took Rick home, saying he would see us tomorrow at the beach, Grant said all going well Rick might get to try Prince tomorrow too. Rick turned , smiling, and said “might just do that too”..