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Mom dom her weak son

2022-05-26 00:00:36

Mom was in bed with dad robert there son got out of bed to have a pee his mom hear him got out of bed put dress grown on shut her door when she saw her son she look at front of his boxer she lick her lips went in bathroom she sat on toliet thinking wow he must be big when she was finish went to her son room open door he was naked she look down at her son cock she was wide eyes open he was 8 inch she seld get ready for school big boy that saying had 2 meaning she went to her room and shut door pull blanket of her hubby and started get his cock hard when he was a wake she sat on his cock rideing him. What her hubby didn't no befor thay married she like to. Domination men she look at her hubby seld u better make me cum with your little dick he. Push up when she push down he tried to hold back but he cudnt and came to soon she seld u prick she got out bed got dress went down stairs her son was eating breakfast she sat down his dad came down thay all was eating and at 8 30 her hubby got up seld I won't be bk for 3 days she got to front door his wife kiss him goodbye she whiper in his ear have fun little dick grab his thor his trouses she let go he left. Robert seld mom why are u mad at dad for she seld he didn't please me today don't worry son. Son got up left for school and linda his mom was at home for hours she did all the house work she went to tidy her son room she see he left his pc on she sat on his chair look at his history ther was games facebook. And other links what catch her eye was story she click on it was Domination submission story she read it and got very horny she look at the clock her son be home she cudnt belive the time went so fast she went do her room sat on her bed that boy just like his dad she went to her to her draw got out leaver skirt top got dress left her knicker of she hear her son seld I'm home she went down to meet him hug him kiss him on the cheek seld go get out the school unifom cum down we need to talk he seld ok he went up stair Got change came down he came in living room sat down next to his mom she told him she found the story her son head drop look at his feet she seld son u like thing like that he whiper yes she she seld get to bed u bad boy I shout u when tea done he got up she look her son had a hard on she had a kinky idea when he was out the room she think to her self u like to be Domination I wil make u submission to nite she was get very turn on she shout tea ready he came down thay ate it was quite she seld go do your homework when it was 9 she got a glass rub the rim over her pussy fill glass up with coke took to her son seld when done bring glass down she bk to living room. She finger her self she hear her son cum down stair she seld son can u cum here plz. He did she seld son sit down he did she seld did u play over the storys he seld mom she look at him seld what u like being Domination or a submission he wudnt anawer it she knew she seld get to your room u perv he left again she went to her son room seld meet me in my room in 5 min. She was sat on her bed when her son walk in she look at him seld from today till your dad get. Home u wil do as I say or I punish u ok son he seld what hell. Going on she seld shut up u talk when I say u can she pointed to floor seld get down there he did she open her legs seld now lick mommy pussy he look at it she was get piss of grab his head ram it in her pussy seld lick it u bastard he start to lick her clit she moan seld wow u good at that u lick mommy. Pussy don't u son u going be my pet boy she cum over his face grab him by his hair push him on bed rip his short of she seld wow my boy so hard for mommy she step over him quide him in her and ride him she seld wow son u so bigger then your dad she seld make mommy cum son her tits bounching round she moan say u hiting my cervix yes son fuck mommy pussy hard yes yes I'm cuming oh got that was best fuck I had son she step of him she start to suck him with her warm mouth she look at him Suck her own son of his ball tighten and he ejaculating in her mouth she swallow it all she seld now bed time u dirty boy he got of the bed to leave she seld no u don't u sleep with me slave thay got in bed she hug him she seld u fuck any one else he seld kind of she seld don't under stand that he seld I have been fuck up my ass and ride he mom seld by who he seld by grandma he whiper she rape me mom. She seld tell me all detall u bitch. He start of tell her. STORY I was at nans u and dad drop me of coz u both was going on a trip for 2 week. The frist week not much happend nan went to bed at 10 when I went past her door cud hear say u like that don't u. On second week I start to spy on her on one day she went for a bath. I was look at her big fat tits and her looking thor the mirror on wall at her hairy pussy. I went to my room wank of pic her she got out went to her room got dress went do our tea when it was done she shout me down she was all ready sat down I sat down I look at my plate there was no food on it I ask were my tea she seld it under the table I look under table her hand was point to her pussy I seld can't see it she seld look at my finger she seld I seen u look at me in bath u like to look now u going eat it if u don't I tell your mom what u was doing. He got scare she seld if u not eating when I'm done I fone your mom he got under the table start to her I lick her and she moan good boy then her fone rang she pick it up out of breath seld hi sandy how u she seld I'm ok she put it on loud speaker she cud here them talking nan moan sandy seld u playing u dirty bitch nan seld my granson lick my pussy sandy seld wow u kinky slut I let u go talk tomoz. Thay hung up nan seld now that was good go to bed now she had a evil smlle on her face I went st8 to sleep the next morning was friday u and dad be pick me up to moz nan walk in my room naked seld good morning she sat on bed look at me seld u was good last nite but we can't do it again she got up left We did our own things at she been drinking look at me seld u better go have shower coz your mom dad be here tomoz at 10 he did but what he did when he done came down to kitchen gran went upstair got a strapon on wait for him cum up stair she grab him drag him in her room push him over the bed rip his shorts down start ram it in his ass she seld omg u so tight he start to cry she moan yes yes cry pussy boy and she stop push on bed tie him up she look at him seld now I'm going fuck u dry she stand over him low her self start slow and got faster and faster she felt him in deep seld wow u one big boy and she felt him shoot in her she came to she rest on him seld u are one good fuck she untie him she fell a sleep and he cry all nite the next morning his mom and pick him up when thay was leave gran hug him whiper in his ear seld I own your ass and cock grab his ass she slip her pantys in his poket thay left to go home when he got in his room pull her panty out there was a fone with them he look at fone there was a text on it he open it he read it seld bitch get that big cock out take a pic send it me now he did. Thay been text all while. When he done tell her the story his mom seld wow son I came 3 time. Let get sum sleep thay both fell asleep