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Melissa and I visit a bar!

2022-07-03 00:38:05

My wife Melissa and I decided we would go to an alternative lifestyle bar, or as we always new them to be, a gay bar!

Now, Melissa have done many things together and we decided to pick up a transsexual and see what happened. Melissa dressed in one of her hot little dresses and skipped wearing panties or a bra. She also suggested that I also skip wearing underwear and wear a pair of thin pants that would accentuate my swollen cock.

We arrived at this rather large club and I was a bit nervous, I must say. We sat at a table and it didn't take long for people to approach us. I was approached by several young men who were not shy about what they were looking for and Melissa was approached but horads of lesbian women in just a short time.

We made it known that we were seeking a sexy younger transsexual and we began to look around. I have to say, I have never been in a bar/club where my ass was squeezed so many times.

I think Melissa was turned on watching all of these guys trying to pick me up! I know she was turned on because as we sat at the table, I reached under and felt her pussy and she was very wet. Melissa's nipples were hard and she was ready for fun, we just needed to find someone.

After awhile Melissa observed a tall skinny woman named Ashley standing at the end of the bar, she was blonde and her ass was very shapely. I observed that she also seemed to have nice large breasts.

We asked her over to our table and she was very feminine and told us through the course of our talk that she was to have an operation in about two months that would make her fully female. As we spoke, she and Melissa hit it off and I could see that Melissa's hand had disappeeared and she was checking out her cock. I could also tell that Ashley was exploring Melissa's pussy.

I kind of felt left out and asked Melissa to get us a couple more drinks. When she went to the bar, I figured I'd slide over so I was between Melissa and Ashley. When Melissa returned, she smiled and sat next to me. As we talked I could feel Ashley's hand moving up my thigh and towards my bulging cock. As Ashley began to explore the length of my rod, I slipped a finger in to Melissa's dripping wet snatch!

I figured, what the hell and I began to run my hand up Ashley's smooth thin thigh until I could feel her bulge. Ashley's cock was not big at all, but she enjoyed the feeling of my warm hand.

I noticed that her nipples were also erect and her breasts appeared to be nicley shaped. Ashley leaned over and whispered in my ear, "I want to suck your cock!"

I told her that she could do that as soon as we got out of there.

Melissa looked at us and said, "I think it's time we should go back to the hotel." We all agreed and grabbed a taxi out front and headed back.

We started for the hotel and before I knew it, Ashley had unzipped my fly and pulled out my hard cock and began to suck it. Melissa smiled and I started to rub her clit.

I have to say, Ashley was an expert at the art of cocksucking, maybe because she had one and knew just how to do it. As Ashley sucked my cock she played with my ass. It didn't take long for me to start cumming in her mouth. I stayed as quiet as I could as my cock spewed cum in to her hungry mouth and she gulped down every drop.

We arrived at the hotel and went to our room and before I knew it both Melissa and Ashely we naked. Ashely's dick was still not very hard and I have to say. If I didn't see her standing there naked, I would never have known that she had a cock.

Melissa dropped to her knees in front of Ashley and began to suck her off. I walked behind her and began to kiss her neck and fondle her full breasts. Ashely was very shapely and her body had begun to fully morph in to a female except for her having a cock.

As Melissa sucked and I kissed her, Ashley moaned softly and I slid my hand to her ass and began to massage her tight little hole. As I did she moaned louder and Melissa sucked her growing cock.

I rached around and stroked Ashely's cock as Melissa sucked her. Ashely moaned as her body was one giant sexual nerve. I stood behind her and my hard cock began to press against her firm ass cheeks. Ashley threw her head back and began to kiss me and said, "stick you cock in me!"

I grabbed the lube and covered mythrobbing cock and then began to enter her tight little hole. Ashley let out a gasp as the head of my cock popped inside her and Melissa continued to suck her small cock.

Melissa stopped and said, "Fuck her ass good baby!"

I grabbed Ashley's firm asscheeks and she slowly bent forward as I slid my cock all the way inside her tight little ass! Melissa now began to suck her nipples as my cock thrust inside her and Ashley's moans grew louder. Melissa kept stroking her cock as we worked on her and soon Ashley was meeting every thrust of my cock!

I told her I was soon going to cum and she said "I want you to cum on my tits and I want Melissa to taste it too!"

I pulled my cock out and she knelt in front of me as I stroked my cock and Melissa awaited the eruption of hot semen. I began to shoot my load onto Ashely's tits and Melissa was right there to start cleaning them off, I think I shot a stream on to Melissa's cheek as well!

After Melissa cleaned my hot white cum from her tits, Ashley's cock was hard and she guided Melissa to the end of the chair and she stood behind her and slide her cock in to her pussy. Melissa almost instantly began to cum as the small cock fucked her wet pussy. I rubbed Melissa's clit while Ashley fucked her as hard as she could. Melissa's wet pussy squished as Ashley drilled her from behind and her tits bounced with every thrust!

After several minutes and Melissa's continuos orgasm, Ashely announced that she was going to cum!

"Cum in my pussy Ashely, fill me with cum!" Melissa begged.

Ashely squealed as she began to unload a huge load of semen deep in to my wife's pussy!

My cock was hard again just watching this sight! I watched as Ashley's cum dripped from my sexy wife's bald pussy and down her inner thighs!

Melissa sat on the couch with her legs wide open still oozing cum and said, "Eat my cummy pussy baby!"

I began to lick her pussy and her taste mixed with Ashley's cum was amazing. As I did this Ashley stroked my cock from behind and slowly slide her lubed figers in to my tight ass!

It felt incredible!

I cleaned Melissa's pussy and she asked if we could DP her?

"I want to feel both of your cocks inside me!" She pleaded so we got in to position and slide both of our cocks in to her tight holes. Melissa was going wild and her moans quickly turned to screams filled with dirty talk like I had never herard her speak before!

Ashley fucked her ass with her small cock and I filled her pussy and Melissa just moaned and screamed as she was used as a fuck doll by us both!

After while we both began to fill my wife with gobs of cum and Melissa actually squirted for us as we filled her with out warm slippery goo!

2nd part to cum later!