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Im a Chick with a Dick

2022-08-02 00:30:53

“I’m a Chick with a Dick”

* What’s it like to grow up with both sex genitals on your body? Let’s let a ‘real’ hermaphrodite tell us in her own words. *

__ I’m Megan, and yes, I’m a true hermaphrodite. I am female dominate. I look like a girl, normal tits, I have a regular pussy but a working dick right above it too.

I have a story to tell about how my interesting life is going.

__Mom and dad did a good job of teaching me I was different. They said I was ‘Special’. They were right. I liked who I was, even if ’people’ would think I was a ’freak’ if they knew, but….I had double the sex feelings as I liked both guys and girls. I had to adapt to being who I was. Fear of getting an erection was dealt with. Mom made me a strap that held my erection up against my body if I got one in public. I never wore shorts, but always a full skirt to hide my bulge.

My first ’boyfriend’ was a cool neighborhood boy. I never let him feel my pussy, but just my tits. The time came when he felt my bulge and ask me about it. He was the first guy I ever told about me being ’different’ down there. He was so cool and never told anyone. Now he understood why I wouldn’t let him feel me ’down there’.

As time went by I wanted to have sex with him and one night I sneaked out of my room and met him in our shed. Our passion hit a fever pitch and I let him put his hand on my pussy. He got me so aroused as he then began to finger my pussy and clit. I had an aroused pussy and a hard on. For the first time I had a guy feeling my erection. It was so great as he was the first guy to stroke me and keep going and going until he jacked me off. My cum squirted hi up and kept shooting all over us.

I told him I had urges to have sex with guys and girls. I wanted to fuck a girl just like he did. He tried to think of a girl I could fuck, but we came up with no girl I could fuck. Later on in life, I got the chance…..

__I met this girl at my work. No one knows I’m a ‘herm’ there. My male urges were attracted to her. I wanted to fuck her real bad. Now…how do you tell another girl you have a dick and would like to fuck her? Here is how I did it.

We became friends. She was hot looking and liked sex. One day we talked in the lunch room about being bi-curious. She quietly said she was and would like to try it once to see how it was. I told her I was bi-curious too, and I had something hot for us to try. Her interest peaked and she wanted to know all about it. We set up for her to come over to my place that Saturday night.

Shelly was a very sexy looking young girl when she arrived. She was a little nervous not knowing what I had in mind. I talked and then got to the point.

You want to know what it would be like to have sex with another girl. I told her I had the same bi-urges and found a way simulate it. A sort of ’bi-practice’ girl. She was getting all excited about this.

After a few glasses of wine we went in my bedroom. I had her lay on my bed and I opened my closet up.

There was a girl standing there.

Shelly’s eyes went wide open. “Meet Layla, Shelly.” I said.

Layla didn’t move. Shelly stood up and walked over. “Oh my god…

….she looks so life like,” Shelly said. Layla was a doll. She was the latest one on the market. You could move her arms and legs in any position. Eyes open or closed, soft skin and long beautiful hair. She had two life like openings between her legs. She had flush buttons in the back of her head. One made her pussy pulse slightly, another vibrated her pussy. Another button and she would moan softly.

I took Layla over to the bed and laid her down. She had on a see thru nightie top, small panties and a very sexy smile. I said: “Layla is bi, and she’ll let us do anything we want to do to her .

Shelly began to smile and felt the skin on her leg. I kidded and said: “Feel her up, she likes that!” We giggled and both began to feel her smooth body.

I turned out the light down low. Shelly caught on quick and we both slowly got naked. We undressed Layla and felt her up. As Sally and I begin to get undressed.…. I stood up with my back to Shelly and ‘appeared’ to be putting on a strap on dick.

It was a strap on dick belt, but…. my real dick was in place of the fake dick. Shelly watched and was getting very aroused as she was all over Layla. She got bolder and bolder as her bi-curious feelings came out. She rubbed her pussy on Layla’s leg and slowly moved up to Layla’s pussy.

It was her first time going pussy to pussy with a girl and it got her all turned on. It was making both my male and female urges get very aroused.

Shelly licked Layla’s tits and just kept going down until she was licking Layla’s pussy.

I wanted to fuck Layla with my fake strap on while Shelly watched and played with Layla. A 3 some of all girls except…I had a real dick.

I whispered to Shelly: (“…Layla need some sex, watch me give her some and feel free to join in. She likes to lick pussy while she’s having male sex.”) Shelly looked down at my strap on with the big ‘life like’ erection on it. “ Ooooo Layla is really a horny girl, isn’t she…” Shelly said with a giggle.

Shelly had many thoughts…..

This is fantastic. Now I can see what’s it’s like to have sex with a girl. My bi-curiosity will be satisfied. Girl on girl sex always made me curious as to what the big thrill was. I am drawn to guys, but I wondered. I see now it does arouse me and I sure like that….and….I have a ’real’ girl here with Megan to feel her tits and pussy if we go that far. I find I really like to rub my pussy on another girls pussy. That gets me all hot. I wonder if Megan will go for some sex play with each other? I have the urge to touch her and that strap on too. I think I’ll try it and see how it goes.

That strap on dick looks so real….I’m going to touch it and enjoy it. Oooo it warm…now Megan is smiling as her hand was on mine. Now we’re both feeling it….this is so hot.


It was time to let Shelly know about my ’special’ attachment I was born with.
“Shelly, I have to tell you something very private. I ask that you keep it to yourself always.
I was born with a dick. This is not a fake dick on this strap on, it really me.” Shelly felt my dick real good. “Oh my god…it is a real dick…”

She had a million questions which I answered. “You’ve got the best of both worlds Megan. Can I….I mean can I play with it?…I mean ..oh my… can ‘we‘ have sex with it?” she said.

I took off the straps and let Shelly look all she wanted. She jacked me and then just had to suck on it. I turned and licked her wet pussy as she sucked and stroked me. We were both extremely turned on and I couldn’t wait to put my dick in Shelly. I could feel Shelly’s clit throbbing on my lips as she started humping my tongue.

I stuck my fingers in her pussy and she did the same to mine. A girl knows right where to feel a pussy to make my G spot go crazy. I massaged hers at the same time.

I was going to have the ‘best of both worlds’ double cum which was the ultimate for me. My pussy climaxing and my dick shooting cum.

I was moaning as she sucked on me and I could no longer hold back. I felt it coming and my cum came shooting out as she rubbed my clit with her fingers. We deep massaged our G spots as I had a peak climax. She was climaxing with me while she kept sucking the cum from my dick. As I filled her mouth, she sucked it down. We were both shaking and moaning. Our bodies thrusting in euphoria. We had found the right person to have ‘special’ sex with.

She couldn’t turn fast enough and put my dick in her pussy. I lay on top of her nice tits as my male urges were in euphoria.

This was finally my first time to fuck a girl…

It’s hard describe how good it felt. My dick going in a warm wet pussy and pumping it deep. We were squirming, moaning, feeling us all over as I could feel it coming. Faster, harder as it was peaking higher and higher. Her legs wrapped around me as she pushing her hot pussy into me.

We started to moan loud and tremble as it shook me to the core. I felt a solid stream of cum shoot out of me into her. We thrashed in the ultimate pulsing high. Her pussy contracted around my dick and stroked it firm. More cum kept shooting out….all kinds of sounds came out of us, moans, yells as we both were taken away to euphoria land…..


I’m being fucked by a girl!…this has to be way past my bi-curiosities. She really has me to a high I never expected.

I had wondered about getting off rubbing pussy to pussy, but this…was way over the top. She is so very special. My next thought was my boyfriend, Chad. A 3 some with him would be so wild.

I held Megan on top of me as we savored the feelings over and over. She was awesome to have sex with.

Megan’s thoughts….

I didn’t want to get off Shelly, she just felt too good. We spent the whole night feeling our bodies. I loved to lick her tits and nipples, then go down and lick her pussy and make her squirm. She licked me all over and got my nipples so hard again. She loved to lick my pussy, tease my clit and then suck on my dick….we then fucked again and again. It was the night of nights for us.

We talked about her boyfriend Chad. She wanted to have us all have a threesome. I had only dreamed about fucking a girl while being fucked in my pussy. The ultimate double cum sex for me. I was floating in arousement over the possibility of that happening.

That next week at work, Shelly came up to me and whispered: (“…this Friday night, Chad is a ’go’ for it.”) I smiled, nodded my head and headed to the lady’s room to put my hardon under my strap. That message gave me an instant hard dick.

The waiting was awesome but torture.

Chad wondered……

I of course have to go see this. I had seen Megan in the parking lot. She looked like all girl to me, and a sexy one at that. Shelly talked up a 3 some, I’m all for that….but a girl with a dick and a pussy?…this I gotta see.

Friday night was here and we went in this Megan’s place. She had on a big white fluffy robe and had wine for us to drink. She looked hot and sexy looking. She sat next to me and said: “I bet your real curious about this, right Chad?” I said yes but excited too. “I’m the real thing, not a Shemale or trans but a real hermaphrodite. I have both a pussy and a dick. Shall we all go have a look?” she said with a smile.

Into her sexy lit bedroom we all went. Shelly was all smiles as we all got naked and got on her bed. Megan said: “I like guy and girls both.” With that she started feeling Shelly and I both up. I and Shelly both gladly joined in.

There is was. A hard dick on a girl. She said: “Your welcome to feel it and my pussy too.” Both Shelly and I started in feeling her pussy and dick. It was real. She in turn began to feel Shelly and I. She was turned with her pussy and dick to our heads and she began to stroke my rock hard dick and suck on it. Shelly join me in playing with Megan’s pussy and dick.

From here we all felt everything. I watched as Shelly and Megan licked each other 69 and then both began to play with my dick. Shelly said: “Megan has never had sex with a guy in her pussy, would you like to be the lucky guy?”

No need to answer that question.

Megan and I started in as Shelly watched and fondled us both. Megan was red hot with excitement as I felt and sucked her tits. We kissed and our tongues were going crazy. She whispered to me: (“…oh Chad, your so special to me….I’ve wanted a guy like you for so long…”) She had this all planned out in her mind for a long time. She knew just how to do it so we all would cum together.

She moved and got on top of Shelly. She put her dick in her. I got on Megan and put my dick in her from behind. All our arms and hands felt all of us.
I had four tits to feel while we all fucked together. I kissed and tongued both of them as the room became hot with all our body heat. Megan’s body was twitching as she was moaning like I’d never heard before. It was like fucking two girls at once. Megan raised her butt up and fucked me hard and the with the down stroke fucked Shelly hard. She was trembling all over with her ’super stack’ I called it. She had a tight warm wet pussy and it felt out of this world…..

Megan’s euphoric thoughts….

Oh my god yes! Fuck me you guys like I’ve never been fucked before. I had feelings in my body like never before. My dick was sinking deep in Shelly and my pussy now enjoyed Chad’s dick going deep in me. My bed was almost jumping off the floor as we got a rhythm going. The wonderful moaning of us all was beyond awesome!

Having fucked Shelly before I could tell she was ready to climax big, I lost control and had to cum in her. Chad’s knew we were about to cum and then I squeezed his dick with my pussy and we all started shaking.

Cum started shooting out of my dick as I felt my first blast of Chad’s cum shoot in me…I yelled with ecstatic joy as Chad filled my pussy with his cum. I kept shooting cum in Shelly as she moaned so loud it just made Chad and I cum even more. Three bodies on fire with our greatest cum ever. The words of description left us as we traveled out of this world….

Until next time,