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Artificial Affection Ch2

2022-05-25 00:00:19

Artificial Affection Ch2: Outbreak

The person I found at Victoria’s apartment was not the same as the Victoria I once knew. She was laying in her bed, wearing nothing but black, lacy underwear. Her long, wavy, brown hair was messy as if she’d just woken up. Her healthy, tan skin looked darker than usual. There were bags under her eyes. It looked like she had been crying. I felt horrible. She was really sick and the only way to cure her was to get her pregnant. Despite being a guy, it was still a nightmare, even to me. She looked at me longingly as soon as I entered her bedroom. She didn’t say a word as I approached. Her skin was hot to the touch. It felt like she had a fever. Not only was she on fire, but her bed, hair, and skin were absolutely drenched in sweat.

“How do you feel? You don’t look so good,” I asked. My voice in a low whisper.

“Horny,” Vic choked out. “I’m sorry I helped you make that stupid love potion. I’m sorry I made it work like a cologne too. So many women are hurting just like me and they don’t even know that the only way to stay alive is to get pregnant. I guess this is my punishment for being a part of this... I have to get knocked up and by you... right now.”

“Are you sure? We could try to find a way to cure this, or I could take you to the hospital?” I asked. It was bizarre seeing the girl who harassed me relentlessly suddenly beg to have my baby. It was mostly my fault though.

“Yes, it’s gonna be ok. I’ll be ok, but I have to get pregnant soon!” Vic pleaded. Her hands shook as she removed her almost see-through panties. I couldn’t bare to watch her move like that so I helped her out with her bra. I know I was only hooking up with her to save her life yet, when that bra came off, I was treated to the most amazing tits I’d ever seen. A few weeks ago she casually mentioned they were double D’s but they looked bigger than that to me. I was mesmerized by their flawless tan, half Latina skin and erect brown nipples. Once those heavy breasts met my eyes the whole energy in the room shifted. It was no longer a sad, dreary moment. I was no longer there to save my lab partner’s life. I was there to fuck a horny hottie begging for my seed.

Victoria gasped when I touched her shoulders. “Did that hurt?” I asked confused. I had barely touched her.

“No, it’s just that my skin is so sensitive and I’m so unbelievably horny that I think I might cum from the slightest touch. Fuck I can’t believe this is what I’ve done to people!” Vic whispered.

I carefully slid her over to a section of the bed where it wasn’t soaking wet and nasty. Both her hands were down at her dripping cunt. This position really showed off her enormous tits well. I got undressed as fast as I could. It was surreal. I was about to purposely and consensually put a baby in the girl who always made fun of me. Victoria stared at me in anticipation. Although she looked a little sick due to the effects of our, “love potion” she was still incredibly hot.

Slowly, I inserted my cock into Vic’s wet pussy. She brought her hands up in a flash. Her eyes rolled back, her fingers gripped the bedsheets so hard she almost ripped them off. Victoria orgasmed instantly. Those symptoms were no joke. She must be in bad shape to be horny enough to cum immediately. Once inside Victoria, my cock was wrapped in heat. Her skin was burning up on the outside and her pussy was even hotter. It was like I was fucking an oven... an oven I’d be putting a bun in. Why did that thought turn me on?

“Fuck if I had energy I’d fuck the shit out of you! Please give it to me! I need this! I need your warm cum all inside me!” Victoria moaned. She was still riding the waves of her bizarre immediate orgasm. The feeling of doom had now completely exited the bedroom. It was replaced with primal, animalistic fucking- no, breeding.

I grabbed Vic’s hips and pounded her as hard as I could. Her big brown eyes rolled back again as she moaned incoherently. I felt up every inch of her steaming hot curves. She didn’t have much of an ass but I didn’t care with tits that big bouncing in my face. I bent down to rub and suck her breasts. Vic gasped. I heard her neon yellow painted nails scratch at the bed. From the way she talked earlier I knew she was proud of her large tits. I made sure to pay them extra attention. She gasped whenever I grabbed her boobs, played with them, squeezed them or sucked them. I couldn’t get enough of her tits. The more I focused on them the more I lost control. Without realizing it I was pounding Vic into the bed. Suddenly, she grabbed me and pulled me in close, hugging me tight to her chest. She was cumming again. Her body still felt like it was burning. I’d never felt a pussy so hot and tight before. It was almost as if it were pulling on my cock, begging me to go as deep as I could. If Victoria wasn’t so sweaty and close to death it would’ve been the best sex I’d ever had, even better than Monet. I didn’t think it was possible but something about Vic’s hot pussy was so enticing. Maybe I was just obsessed with her big tits, or that she was pleading for me to impregnate her.

Victoria’s pussy clamped down tighter than before. It felt like it was sucking my cock as I was fucking her. I couldn’t take it anymore. I slammed my hips forward as hard and deep as I could. My orgasm rolled through me as I came deep inside Victoria. I could feel her womb swallow every blast of cum I pumped into her. Although I’d been having sex with Avery everyday I somehow filled Victoria with much more cum than anyone else. I was certain we just made a baby. My third kid, each with a different woman. It didn’t feel real. The consequences definitely didn’t. The fact that these women would die if they didn’t get pregnant also kept me from worrying about child support. It was like I had no choice. There was nothing wrong with sleeping around and knocking up all these girls. It was even starting to feel good. There was a rush I got when I came inside each of them. Victoria was different. We knew what we were doing. I was purposely fucking her to get her pregnant. There was nothing like it. I know the circumstances surrounding it were awful yet, it felt better than anything I’d ever experienced. I got up slightly and looked down. Victoria’s chest rose and fell. She was breathing heavily, covered in sweat. Her tits looked bigger after having been played with. I wondered how massive they’d get now that she was pregnant. Wait what the fuck was I thinking? I shouldn’t like this, I shouldn’t like getting these women pregnant and I shouldn’t be imagining Victoria with big, milky, swollen tits. That’s not right! I was losing myself, starting to enjoy this fucked up life.

I got off of Victoria. She was still catching her breath. Her long hair spread all over the bed like rays of light from the sun. “We have to keep going. I wanna make sure I’m pregnant. I don’t want to die,” Victoria breathed. My cock grew with her words. I didn’t think I’d enjoy impregnating someone so much. I think I’d been having so much sex recently that my dick was starting to overpower my conscience.

I ended up staying the night with Victoria. I’m pretty sure she gained two pounds with how much I came in her that day. Obviously, that’s an exaggeration but it was a lot! It would be astounding if she wasn’t pregnant. I’m pretty sure cum would be leaking from her pussy for a week. When I left Victoria’s place I had agreed to come back soon to check up on her. She was a mess when I found her, though, something told me she was cured. I could tell by how I spent hours on her ripe tits and drilling her tight cunt. No way she wasn’t pregnant.

Avery was not happy when I returned. “Where were you last night?” she interrogated. “I had to sleep all by myself.”

I turned pale. She knew about me fucking Monet but now there was Victoria too. Avery was my cousin so she knew we weren’t exclusive, our sexual relationship had to be secret, it was incest. She also had no clue about the cologne or that I had impregnated three women including her. It was only a matter of time before Avery and Monet discovered their pregnancies.

“I was out late and decided to crash at a friends place,” I replied as casually as I could.

Avery’s expression changed. She held up an empty container of ice cream for me to see. There was a wicked smile on her face. “I ate a whole tub of ice cream and played with myself all night, waiting for you to come home! How are you gonna make it up to me?” Avery winked. She threw out the container as I looked on in shock. There was something off about Avery ever since we first started having sex. She was by far the least concerned about getting pregnant. I’ve been using protection with Monet each time we’ve hooked up besides that first night. Avery has been sloppy and shown little care whether or not I cum inside her or if I use a condom. She also doesn’t mind that I sleep with Monet, as long as I still have sex with her regularly. She’s often admitted that we can’t be in a relationship because we’re cousins so she’s fine with me dating or having a girlfriend. Now it turns out she wasn’t upset that I didn’t come home last night. She was upset we didn’t have sex yesterday. At this point it was like an addiction. Avery apparently was so upset I wasn’t there to hookup with her for one night that she ate a whole tub of ice cream. I don’t know what was up with her; she was a lot more kinky and sexual than anyone else I’ve been with. I’ve even confronted her about it and she said she was always that way. I just had no clue because we were family.

Avery was wearing a black long sleeved shirt with tight black yoga pants. As with most men I loved a girl in yoga pants. Her dark outfit combined with her black hair made her look like a sexy, evil witch. The way her pants outlined her thighs and ass sent my heart racing. I could see the lines of her panties through the tight material. Above her pants was a tiny peak of her tummy and belly button. It was just a sliver of white amongst the darkness of her clothes. It looked so soft, and round now that it was bloated with ice cream. Little did she know that small tummy was going to get a lot bigger. Fuck why is that turning me on? Something really was changing inside of me. I was never so sexually stimulated by bellies before. I shook it off and focused on Avery’s face, her stunning, pouting face.

My cock was fully erect. Avery continued to stare me down with glistening fuck-me eyes. “You seriously ate the whole tub of my favorite ice cream?” I blurted out. There were countless sexual thoughts swarming my mind, I had no clue why that’s what escaped my mouth.

Avery bit her nails and turned to show off her ass. “Mmhm, you gonna punish me for it?” she teased. I felt my dick leak precum. Avery was so strangely kinky.

“Get in the bedroom!” I ordered as I slapped her ass. She giggled and gleefully ran to our bed, pretending to run away from me. “I’m gonna rip those pants right off you!” I threatened.

Avery hopped on the bed. She posed on her hands and knees while sticking her ass in the air. “Why do guys always say that? Do you know how expensive yoga pants are?” Avery hissed.

“Oh? Are they MooMooMelons or something?” I joked.

Avery laughed. “I hope you’re joking because that’s definitely not the brand name dumbass,” she paused and sat up. “Wait... or were you calling me a cow?”

I wasn’t but I decided to play along. “Well, you did eat a whole tub of ice cream,” I teased.

The look on Avery’s face was priceless. It was an expression I’d never seen before. Her face grew bright red. Her nipples poked at her shirt. She wiggled in place before leaping off the bed. Avery wasn’t that strong but she moved so quickly that in a flash she pounced and I found myself on the floor with her on top of me. She was grinding her hips into me through our clothing. Her hands placed firmly on my chest, keeping me down. She flailed around as she struggled to take my shirt off. Once she got mine off she grabbed hers at the bottom while crossing her arms then whipped it off by raising and straightening them. I was delighted to find that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her tits were nowhere near as big as Victoria’s but they were at least a C cup, or a good handful. Avery’s tits swung above my face. She was breathing heavily. All of a sudden, her lips were on mine and she’s making out with me furiously. Her warm chest pressed against me. Her smooth skin rubbed on me while her ass worked my cock. Avery held my head in her hands while she forcefully shoved her tongue in my mouth. This was the second most turned on I’d ever seen her.

“What’s gotten into you?” I panted as soon as I got the chance.

Avery lifted herself up to remove her pants and panties. They stuck to her slightly from her pussy soaking them. “I don’t know! I just really like dirty, degrading talk during sex and you called me a cow and wouldn’t stop staring at my midriff. I don’t know, it got to me,” she explained. I didn’t know she could tell where I was staring. I didn’t call her a cow but if that’s how she reacted then maybe I should?

“You’re too skinny to be a cow but you are a thicc bitch!” I blurted out. I was so bad at sounding dirty though she loved it anyway. Avery tugged at my pants. With a little scooting and shuffling we removed my pants and underwear. We were both naked on the floor.

“Should we get on the bed?” Avery asked while patting the mattress behind her.

“No, that’s for normal women. You don’t use a bed when you’re screwing a crazy slut,” I replied. My words needed work, yet they got the job done. Avery completely lost it. She impaled herself on my cock and rode me. I felt her full weight pounding me into the floor. Avery frequently leaned over to kiss me and suck on my neck. I grabbed her round ass in my hands while I sucked away at her tits. She moaned and bounced on top of me. It was a huge difference having sex with her right after Victoria. Vic had no energy but made up for it with astounding tits and an unbelievable pussy. Avery had a curvy figure but nothing was incredibly big or small, just about the right size all over. She was unique because of her wild, kink-filled, animalistic, sexual personality. All this time she was this shy, quiet cousin, the most timid in the family. Never would’ve guessed how much of a freak she was.

Avery’s long hair draped over my head. It created a veil where all I could see was her angelic face. She brushed her hair to the side as she rode me more vigorously. A splash of light illuminated us. This made Avery close her eyes and keep them closed from the pleasure. Her wonderful curves jiggled in front of me. I ran my hands over her creamy white thighs. I started to hold and stroke her tummy. Avery moaned. She leaned forward to kiss me. Her pussy really started slamming down hard.

“You’re feeling up my bloated belly as if you really do think I’m a cow,” Avery whispered.

I blushed. “No, are you joking? You’re tiny! It’s just, there’s something sexy about it?” There was an obvious nervous quality to my voice. She loved degrading talk but there was no way I could insult her appearance when she was so hot. I don’t know why insults turned her on but she’d have to eat ten more tubs of ice cream before she could be classified as chubby. Her belly wasn’t as flat as Monet’s and she didn’t have abs like Victoria, she just had a sexy, thick body. It was almost like a mom-bod but skinnier. I loved the gentle roundness and it was embarrassing that she could tell.

“It’s ok,” Avery comforted, “I have so many kinks, I’m glad you at least have one!” She then held my hand and pressed it hard against her stomach, forcing me to roughly rub down every inch of her belly. I almost came just from that. Avery truly embraced all things kinky.

“You’re such a sexy curvy slut!” I gasped. I gripped her tummy and slid my hands down to take hold of her nice ass. She moaned in ecstasy. I knew she’d like hearing that. I wound back and gave her ass a good slap. Suddenly, she yelped and came on my cock. Her eyes rolled back and pussy constricted. When it was over she kept going. She was determined to make me cum.

Avery held me tight and licked my neck. She nibbled on my ear then whispered, “maybe I’ll eat more ice cream and get really thicc and curvy for you.” She sucked my lower lip and grabbed my hand to put it on her tits. “I think I’d look great with bigger tits and you obviously wouldn’t mind a curvier belly,” Avery added.

I knew she was just trying to play with my newfound belly fetish but her words were too much. I gripped her silky skin in my hands, slapped her breasts, then grabbed her midsection. Finally I pumped her full of cum. It had been a few days since I came in her while unprotected. It was breathtaking with her on top of me. She went up and down, following the rhythm of my orgasm. Avery moaned and mewed. Eventually, she smacked her own stomach and forced my hands harder upon it like before. “Yesss, fill me up!” Avery begged. I certainly did that. She milked my cock as I played with her tummy. Avery smiled. “I’m gonna enjoy getting thicc for you,” she commented.

I’m not sure if she knew she was pregnant back then and that’s why she said she was going to eat until she was “nice and thicc,” but either way she did get bigger. It was a slow, gradual process but, due to her pregnancy, she did grow. Each day we had sex I would feel her stomach. It wasn’t until sometime after Winter break and early into the second semester when she finally started to show. It was about the same size as when she was bloated with ice cream except her stomach was firm. It didn’t create any belly rolls, no matter what position she was in. Day by day the little bump grew. Monet and Victoria went home during the break which meant it was just me and Avery for about a month. Our parents were upset we didn’t come home for the holidays but were proud that we were dedicated to winter classes and work. They didn’t know we were living together. They didn’t know Avery was pregnant. In fact I don’t even know if she knew. It was obvious, yet she never said anything. Her tits were bigger, her ass was only a little bit plumper but her belly was slowly expanding outward each day. She bought new bras but no new shirts. It was as if she didn’t realize how some of her shirts suddenly revealed more midriff. As a guy I knew nothing about periods but she should’ve been able to tell from that, right? I never said anything. It felt strange, a guy telling a girl she’s pregnant? I’m not a doctor so that sounded so bizarre to me.

Without the other women in my life for a while, I had sex with Avery a lot more over the break. It was the best! Victoria and I had off from the lab so I got to spend so much time with Avery. I can’t describe how it felt to feel my gorgeous cousin’s belly each day and noticing the slight difference day by day. It was about twelve or so weeks into her pregnancy when she finally had a more pronounced baby bump. This time it stood out no matter what she wore. The shirts that weren’t midriff bearing were tight enough to highlight that her stomach was a little swollen. It wasn’t sticking out past her boobs yet, but it was getting there. It was around this time when she finally announced her pregnancy to me. Avery explained that she knew for a while and didn’t say anything because she thought I’d like feeling and seeing her belly grow everyday without explanation. She was also afraid I’d be mad but of course I knew about it long beforehand. I never asked her if she knew she was pregnant before she said she’d “get thicc” for me. It’s still unclear if she was hinting that she was pregnant and would be growing or if in her usual sex-oriented ways she was just trying to be kinky and create a fantasy to get me off. I quickly forgot about it as there was a lot going on. For instance school had started up again so Monet and Victoria were back. They were also carrying my children though they weren’t the only ones pregnant.

Near the start of the new semester it was reported that a whopping 50 students were pregnant at my university. The cologne seemed to not effect women over a certain age. That made sense because the whole premise was around a women being “in heat” so only women who could get pregnant were infected. Out of those 50 I got three of them pregnant. The women in the article a while back, Elizabeth, was interviewed again and she was pregnant. The cologne was designed to attract any girl who smells it to me but as you can see if I’m nowhere near them after they’re infected they have to satisfy their extreme hornyness using someone else. The other pregnant women were impregnated mostly by their boyfriends or fuck buddies and sometimes one night stands. It was a hefty dosage I used by accident. Every woman I shared a room with that night was infected. That meant an entire lecture hall, Monet’s dorm building and my apartment building. The most pregnancies were from girls in my biological chemistry class. That’s where I used the cologne to influence Monet and needless to say I fucked up.

It was a strange start to the semester. Parents were pissed. The school realized students that got pregnant no longer had a rapid decline in health. The other infected women continued to grow frail. Eleven were now hospitalized and one girl in particular was in critical condition. I had been having a lot of sex but in between it did weigh on my conscience. The university didn’t know what to do. They were relieved once the reported amount of infected students eventually stopped increasing. Now my college was stuck trying to figure out what happened, how to save the sick girls and what to do with all the pregnant students. Normally a university doesn’t do anything if a student gets pregnant but this was a large, sudden, illness-related result of something strange. The school paper claimed the university would offer support for their pregnant students but gave no further details. They knew the “cure” was pregnancy and didn’t advertise it. They let people read the article and draw their own conclusion. Even in crisis a college can’t encourage unprotected sex or pregnancy. They also couldn’t encourage abortion as that was heavily tied to politics. For the most part the school was quiet. It was apparent their main focus was on saving the girls in the hospital.

It was unreal walking around campus. Winter time meant everyone was bundled up yet here and there you were still able to spot a pregnant student. It was around this time that I finally realized or, came to terms with, the fact that I had developed a pregnancy and impregnation fetish as well as a belly fetish according to Avery. I would get hard instantly when spotting a pregnant student. Not all of them were sexy but a majority of the ones I’ve come across were. It was wrong. I knew I secretly played a part in them getting pregnant so despite not being the baby daddy I could still look at a hot girl and think, “I’m the reason she’s pregnant.” I am well aware of how fucked up that is. What’s worse is that sometimes I’d be checking out a hot pregnant girl in class just to discover she’s not even pregnant, just a little pudgy in the stomach. Then I’d imagine how nice and round her belly would be if she was pregnant too. I’m not sure if she’d just look fat but in my head I pictured just a more pregnant looking belly. This was always followed by me feeling ashamed and trying to clear my head. I shouldn’t be turned on from pregnant or plump strangers. It was early enough in the pregnancies that it was difficult to tell the difference. It made me feel terrible about myself. Luckily, Avery was helping me, or more like forcing me, to embrace my weird kinks.

It had been a long time since I had hooked up with Monet. I hadn’t seen her since before Winter break. She had just called me to invite me over to her dorm. I was certain she was going to tell me she’s pregnant. I hurried over to the small brick dorm building and waited for Monet to let me in. After a few minutes the metal door swung open and Monet greeted me with a nervous smile. My eyes examined her midsection as she walked me to her room. I didn’t see a baby bump but I was sure she was pregnant. She was wearing an electric blue sweatshirt and navy track pants. It covered her completely and wasn’t really her style.

When Monet opened the door to her room I was surprised to see that her roommate, a petite Asian girl, was there. It was hard to hide my disappointment, I thought that we were gonna hookup.

“I have something important to tell you,” Monet announced. She locked the door and shot her roommate a worried look. Her roommate sat on her bed hugging a pillow. She nodded back to Monet who paced to the center of the room. Monet breathed in deep. “Jasmine and I are pregnant,” she declared.

Jasmine, that’s her roommate’s name, it was killing me I couldn’t remember it! Wait! Both her and her roommate are pregnant? I only had sex with Monet, what does Jasmine have to do with me?

“I don’t blame you Joey, I think it’s obvious Jasmine and I were infected with whatever that thing is that’s caused so many girls here to get pregnant,” Monet continued. She still sounded nervous. “The university said it would support all of the pregnant students, it never said financially but I guess that’s what they mean? I don’t know, but I don’t expect you to-“

I cut her off. She was too freaked out. “Hey it’s ok. I’m here for you,” I comforted.

“Yes but Jasmine got knocked up from a random hookup the same night we first, um, she doesn’t have anyone. She’s been so kind to us for letting us meet up here all the time. Now that she’s pregnant it’s gonna be a little more rude to kick her out of her own room when we, uh, get together,” Monet explained.

I was so lost. “What are you saying?”

“I mean she doesn’t have anyone, Joey! Every time you come over here she has to leave. Now she’s pregnant and all alone besides me so the least you can do is act like she exists, talk to her, get to know her, be friends with her. I don’t know, I’m just so lucky to have you throughout this and if this whole mess means you’ll be coming over more to help me out- I feel bad for Jasmine. I want us all to get along and get through this together,” Monet clarified.

“Monet!” peeped Jasmine. Her words were muffled by the pillow. Her face turned bright red. The entire situation was embarrassing. I was ashamed because it was all my fault. Now Monet acted like I was a great person for sticking by her during her pregnancy.

“Sure, you know I’ll be here for you and I’ll help you both out with anything you need,” I declared. I had no clue what I was agreeing to. It seemed important to Monet that I be nicer to Jasmine so I obliged.

Jasmine was squeezing the life out of her pillow. After an awkward silence she spoke up, “I’ll get your number later Joey, we don’t have to be friends if you don’t want to be. Thanks for listening to Monet though, and being good to her.” Her kind words hurt me. I was not a good person. The room was ghost quiet. “I guess I’ll leave you two alone now,” Jasmine announced. She hopped off the bed and headed toward the door.

“Wait!” Monet called. Jasmine froze with her hand on the doorknob. “Let’s show him,” Monet beamed. She started to giggle. Jasmine blushed.

“Noooo,” Jasmine protested despite trotting back to Monet.

“Show me what?” I asked. Monet and Jasmine were both on the same page. I was not. They were blushing and giddy like they were excited, yet nervous.

“We were talking about our pregnancies earlier and comparing our baby bumps, check it out!” Monet grinned. Before I could interpret what she said Monet lifted her shirt up slightly to reveal her puny pregnant belly. It was a lot smaller than Avery’s. Her stomach was always flat but now it had this tiny bump toward the bottom. It was so inconspicuous nobody would know she was pregnant. I marveled at the miniature bump. It wasn’t even present throughout her stomach, it was only a slight swelling below and around her belly button. I couldn’t believe my baby was growing inside that Egyptian goddess. Her golden flawless skin swelling from my seed.

Monet and Jasmine giggled. Monet was trying to get Jasmine to lift up her shirt to show me her baby bump. “Show him! We were comparing them earlier, come on!” Monet teased. Jasmine was bright red.

“Fine!” Jasmine gave in. She swiped Monet’s groping hands away. Jasmine was wearing a big puffy white hoodie that covered everything. It was so big it even covered her butt. She was wearing jeans that looked a little too loose on her. I spotted Jasmine frequently pulling her pants up as if they didn’t fit right. It must be hard finding good fitting clothes. Jasmine was a tiny girl. She was real flat chested with no ass either, and had arms and legs like toothpicks. Last time I saw her, she had an incredibly thin stomach even more so than Monet but not muscular like Vic. All around she was nothing but skin and bone. That was until she lifted up her hoodie and I saw a baby bump bigger than Avery’s. It was only about twelve or so weeks since everyone got pregnant so it wasn’t huge, yet it was massive compared to how much everyone else was showing. Monet was showing the least and here she was with the tiniest roommate who just happens to be sporting the largest baby bump I’d seen so far. Her skin looked so swollen and soft at the same time. I was starting to get hard thinking about how I was indirectly responsible for that amazing growing tummy. I think I was so shocked to see such a round, sexy belly on this little woman that I audibly gasped. Monet and Jasmine were laughing hysterically.

Monet shot her hand out to rub Jasmine’s belly. Jasmine shrieked and shoved her shirt back down, knocking Monet’s hands off of her. “Heyyyy what the fuck!” Jasmine gushed. She kept a firm grip on the end of her shirt to prevent Monet’s hands from sneaking back to her belly. The two giggled playfully.

Monet continued messing with her friend until she spotted my erection. She stopped playing around with Jasmine and stared at it. A grin spread across her face. Her beautiful white teeth dazzled between her bright red lips. “Oops, I think Joey likes your tummy a bit too much!” Monet teased. I couldn’t believe she said that. Now I was embarrassed with my body being brought to attention.

“No, I-“ I stammered but Jasmine interrupted me.

“Really? You’re hard right now? Just from seeing our midsections?” Jasmine laughed. I was beat red. I opened my mouth to speak but she continued. “I guess that means it’s time for me to finally give you two some privacy. And for Monet to show you the other, uh, thing,” Jasmine winked. She held her hand on her stomach as she walked to the door. “Nice to finally officially meet you, Joey,” she called as she headed out. I was too dazed to respond.

Monet locked the door. She had a wicked smile. Her eyes shown with excitement. “I have something to show you,” Monet paused to remove her sweater. “I finally have tits now!” Monet rejoiced. She was right. They weren’t enormous but they were bigger than before. My best guess was they were almost a B cup before pregnancy and now they’re a solid B, possibly almost a C. I honestly don’t know anything about tits but I’m still a big fan of them. Once she took off her bra it appeared Monet’s breasts had changed more than her belly. I’m sure that would change but for now it was true. Her boobs seemed to grow more than her tummy did. Her areola were darker and a bit larger too. That was much more drastic a change than her little baby bump. It was beginning to intrigue me how different each woman experienced pregnancy. Not every body changes with pregnancy the same. Until this experience I always thought all women grew the exact same amount in the exact same places. A school teeming with pregnancies taught me differently.

“Speechless huh?” Monet joked. I realized it had been a while since I said something. I was in a weird state of hornyness and shock.

“Yes, they’re so sexy Monet!” I complimented.

“That’s not all that’s getting bigger,” Monet proclaimed. She smiled as she wiggled out of her pants. After taking off her panties she turned to show off her ass. She gave it a hard smack. My cock oozed precum at the sight of her gold colored ass flesh rippling from the impact. Her bottom was always large, I actually couldn’t tell it had gotten bigger. I did see that the way her belly swelled mostly at the bottom really helped her look extra pear-shaped. I loved her round ass so much. It was so much thicker than any other girl I’ve been with, yet her skin was silky and smooth. It was astounding for her to have an ass so thick and not have any cellulite. All around she had perfect, creamy, gold Egyptian skin. She was so thin everywhere but her thighs and ass too. I had missed having sex with her so much- I mean I missed her so much.

I remained silent as I took off my clothes. Monet was giddy with excitement. She bounced onto her bed, her curves jiggling as she did so. Once nude, I joined her on the bed. Strands of Monet’s long black hair fell in front of her face. I brushed her hair back and caressed her face as I kissed her. Monet slowly laid on her back as I crawled forward on top of her, making out with her the whole time. I slowly went from making out with her to kissing her neck, working my way down to her tits. When I began to suck on Monet’s nipples I felt her body shudder.

“They’re sensitive,” Monet choked out. Her voice sounded out of breath, as if she were trying to speak during an orgasm. “God, it’s been too long,” she panted. Monet forcefully grabbed my hand in both her hands and shoved my head into her chest. I didn’t think I was doing much but she seemed to like it. I felt her body buck and grind beneath me. I knew she couldn’t wait for me to fuck her. As she writhed under me I could feel her pussy brush against me at times. She needed me bad.

I sucked all over her breasts. Monet moaned, gasped, and shrieked with ecstasy. Eventually, her hands left my head to grab the sides of the bed, almost as if she were bracing herself. I kissed down to her belly and the adorable golden bump towards the bottom of it. Finally, I raised up and aligned my cock at her warm entrance. Monet bit her fiery red lip. “Oh fuck yess,” she cried out as I entered her. It had been so long I forgot how great her pussy was. I felt her wet depths clamp around me immediately. Monet’s eyes rolled back. Her body rocked in sync with my thrusts. Her ass and thighs appeared extra wide while laying down. I had to feel them. I ran my hands along her silky-smooth Egyptian goddess skin. There was something hypnotic about how her thighs quaked. Monet lifted her legs to wrap them around me. She pinned me within her, making sure I pounded her hard and never pulled out. The subtle noises Monet made were so sexy. No girl moans nearly as hot as Monet does. Her new, slightly bigger tits bounced in front of me, her tiny baby bump glistened with sweat, my hands on her heart-shaped ass, I couldn’t last much longer. I gave a few more hard thrusts before I came inside her. It had been a while since I’d cum that much. She was so fucking sexy. Monet rode the waves of her own orgasm just as I pumped wave after wave of cum inside her welcoming pussy. Her hot cunt milked my cock dry. She was already pregnant yet her womb couldn’t get enough cum.

Monet’s eyes returned to normal after being rolled back. She continued to bite her bottom lip. Her bright white smile lit up the room. She looked very satisfied but we weren’t done. I filled her sweet pussy with cum two more times before I had to go. It was a lovely reunion. Although I still believe I’m more of a boobs guy than ass man, there was something incredibly intoxicating about Monet’s round ass. Everything else was so skinny on her, even while pregnant her waist was thin. We had an amazing time going at it in several positions until we were both sweaty and tired. I remember squeezing her big ass in my hands while pounding her doggy style. I would occasionally reach down to hold her small baby bump while I fucked her. I couldn’t wait to see how big her ass would get with pregnancy, hopefully her tits would continue to grow too and it couldn’t hurt to round out that belly of hers as well... wow what’s wrong with me? I snapped myself out of it by smacking Monet’s plump ass. She moaned in response. Her pussy slammed into me as she tried her best to move along with me. Her movements grew sloppy as she began to climax for the fourth time that afternoon. My hands slid down to her soft, pillowy thighs. Just before I could cum Monet pulled forward and turned around. She sat up, grabbed my swelling cock and jerked me off until I came on her belly. A sly smile crept across her face. She looked so proud of herself. My cum gradually dripped down her little bump. She bit her lip and grinned as she rubbed my semen into her tummy.

“What was that?” I asked out if breath. I had never cum on a woman before, not even crazy kinky Avery.

“It’s to prevent stretch marks!” Monet beamed. I sat down next to her and spooned her curvy, naked body.

“You should be rubbing it on your ass then. You’re belly is too small to worry about that,” I joked. She slapped me playfully and backed her ass into my crotch.

“I do a good job of moisturizing my skin, I just missed a spot. Thought it would be hot,” Monet smiled.

“It was, that was, um, kinky,” I replied. My thoughts trailed off as I realized Monet must mean she lotions her ass and thighs to prevent any marks, that’s what she basically said, right? That’s awesome. I wondered if I could take over for lotion duties sometime.

“Yeah well get used to it,” Monet laughed. “With these pregnancy hormones I’ve been way more horny than usual!”

Something about what Monet said clicked with me. It wasn’t until a few hours later that the thought fully matured. I was walking back to my apartment after getting dinner with Avery. My phone buzzed in my pocket. It was a text from an unknown number.

The text read, “Heyyy it’s Jasmine! Monet gave me your number. She said she wanted us to be friends but if you’re up to it I’d much prefer friends with benefits... I’m sure Monet won’t mind, not that she has to know. Fuck, I’m sorry these pregnancy hormones got me losing my mind. I’m like, only thinking with my pussy these days. I apologize I’m being wayyyy too forward.”

Aside from being the strangest, most unexpected string of texts I’d ever received, the strange feeling I had finally manifested into a full formed epiphany. “Pregnancy hormones!” I screamed in my head. That’s what stuck with me after having sex with Monet! She said her pregnancy hormones were making her constantly horny. Then Jasmine brought them up too, pregnancy hormones! My face lit up. There was no hiding my joy. I had just figured out a cure. I could save those dying girls in the hospital. Jasmine was attractive and all but I could reply to her later. There was no time to hookup, I was on the verge of a breakthrough. Jasmine was real tiny, a stick figure with arms and legs like twigs. Whenever I saw her in the past I didn’t think much of her as her paper thin body wasn’t really my type. Today was a different story. She still had no curves of any kind except one big baby bump. It was only because of that round bump and her sexy slender face that I added her number... for later, there was something important to do.

The only problem was I had no idea how to make my thoughts a reality. I called Victoria and told her I had an idea for a cure and needed her help. She helped me make the cologne that started this mess, it was only right that she help me make the thing to end it. Although I hadn’t seen her since before winter break she reluctantly agreed to meet me. She hadn’t been to work either. I asked our boss and he told me she didn’t quit, however, she would have to come into the lab soon if she wanted to keep her position. I can’t lie I was excited to see her. She demanded I tell her my idea for the cure on the phone, I refused. It had been so long I was afraid the only way to get her to see me was to tell her about my idea in person. Vic told me to come to her apartment as we definitely couldn’t talk about it in public. I unlocked the safe in my closet and grabbed what was left of the cologne. I wasn’t sure if we needed it but I figured it would be good to have in case we did.

I dashed to Victoria’s place. It’s true everything that happened, all the girls that got infected and were either pregnant or wasting away, it was all my fault. It was because of the stupid love potion and my misuse of it. Despite this, I felt like a superhero as I bolted to meet with Vic. We were going to save those people. Nobody was going to die from our chemical concoction. My feet flew up the steps. She buzzed me in and I bounded down the halls until I came to her apartment. I knocked at the door quickly and constantly like an annoying prick. Victoria finally opened the door and suddenly all thoughts of the cure completely vanished. My smile disappeared. My mouth hung open. Vic... was... HUGE. Ok she wasn’t that big because she was only around eleven weeks along but she was the most pregnant-looking woman out of every pregnant woman at the university. I’m sure I said that about Jasmine but that was mostly because it was a big belly on a small girl. Vic was a whole different story. She was without a doubt bigger than Jasmine. Vic was even about a week less pregnant than Avery, Monet and Jasmine, yet she looked like she was further along than them. It was truly amazing how unique pregnancy was for each woman.

“Are you gonna come inside? Tell me you’re idea for a cure? Say something or move, you fucking jackass?” Vic spat. I was speechless. It seemed her personality didn’t change. The rest of her sure did. She lead me inside and closed the door behind her. She was wearing what appeared to be yellow gym shorts and a yellow sports bra. It was strange to be wearing clothes like that because it was still winter though the cluttered room looked like she hadn’t left her apartment all weekend. I began to sweat. The heat was cranked up in her place. “Yo dumbass, tell me what’s going on?” Vic demanded. She crossed her arms in an impatient manner. That’s when I noticed her already enormous tits were even bigger! They looked like they were popping out of her top. I’m pretty sure whatever she was wearing was too small. My male mind couldn’t come up with a guess on her cup size, E, F? Were those real sizes? They stuck out far past her round belly. Victoria’s ass and thighs had rounded out a bit more but the biggest change was definitely her tummy. She always had humongous breasts, however, she used to have a six pack; now it’s a one-pack, um, I mean a baby bump.

I blushed and stammered. It’s my classic move. “For fuck’s sake Joey, out with it! Because this,” Vic rubbed her swollen stomach, “can’t be the only cure!”

“Ok!” I piped up. “I have an idea. I don’t know why it took me so long to think of but what if we use pregnancy hormones? The cologne alters DNA and I don’t know how to undo those altercations but if we simply trick a woman’s body into thinking it’s pregnant then she won’t waste away. That’s how it works, right? The body uses hormones to trigger things and sense things so the implanted DNA will recognize the pregnancy hormones, think the woman is pregnant and that’s gotta be what prevents the DNA from triggering all those nasty side effects. It’ll be all the same chemicals but the woman won’t actually be pregnant.”

Victoria stared at me. “That’s the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard,” She put plainly.


“Where are we gonna get pregnancy hormones from? How would we extract them? Do you know which hormones are from pregnancy and in what concentration? What side effects are there to injecting a woman who isn’t pregnant with pregnancy hormones? If the whole process went well would it even work? Would it be temporary or would they keep having to get these injections? This isn’t a solution, Joey, it’s a theory.”

I was visibly upset. I thought I was onto something. “Well if it’s out of our hands we could at least anonymously tell someone about the idea. I’ll make a new email account and use a school IP address to send information to the hospital, university and school paper. They can’t just let those girls die!”

Victoria sighed. “Yeah, I never wanted kids, never thought I’d be pregnant but I consider myself lucky compared to what those girls are going through. Let me tell you Joey, before you... before you knocked me up I really thought I was gonna die. I felt like my body was on fire or being torn apart by wolves. I was so horny but had no energy to move or eat, too much pain to sleep. It was horrible. I felt my body shutting down. That was over a month ago. The last I’ve seen, those girls in the hospital look like ghosts. Do whatever you can Joey.”

I pulled out the test tube of magenta liquid. Victoria’s eyes went wide. She recognized the cologne. “What the actual fuck! That fucking incriminates us! I told you to get rid of that!”

“I thought we might need it to make a cu-“

“And I told you to forget it!” Vic snapped. She stormed towards me and yanked the vial from my hand. “I’ll dispose of it myself because you apparently can’t be trusted to do it!” Vic accused. She placed it in one of the drawers in her kitchen area. I stared at her in stunned silence.

“What? You think you’re gonna get lucky like last time? Get outta here!” Vic yelled, gesturing towards my crotch. I didn’t need to look down to know I had an erection. I didn’t know she could see it with me wearing jeans as it wasn’t as obvious. She did notice. I couldn’t help it. She was a hot, young, exotic, half Latina with big tits and a belly swelling with my baby.

“Ok Victoria. I’ll leave but I know you’re secret,” I warned. She shot daggers from her eyes. I walked toward the door. Vic followed me.

“Oh yeah what’s that?” Vic scoffed. I left her apartment and stood in the hallway. She glared at me from the doorway, awaiting a response.

“I know you like me. There’s a reason you wanted to help me make the love potion, there’s a reason why you mess with me constantly and there’s a big huge reason why you called me, out of all people, to put a baby in you! You’re gonna call me sooner than you think.”

Victoria rolled her eyes and slammed the door. She pretended to be annoyed. I knew I was right. I couldn’t explain why she acts like she does or did what she did, though I knew I was right. I’d figure her out eventually.

Later, I anonymously emailed all the resources I could think of. Two weeks went by with no word of a cure, testing, or anything. Victoria and I were pissed off. We couldn’t do anything but they could at least try. We gave them crucial information. I got a call from Vic late one night. She wanted me to come over to apologize to me. The way we left things I should apologize too. I was sort of bluffing too, I wasn’t sure how she felt about me. Vic greeted me kindly and told me to take a seat. She was wearing long-sleeved winter clothes this time. They were tight against her bust and exposed her expanding midriff a little but it wasn’t all hanging out like last time.

“I have to apologize I did something horrible,” Victoria began. I was instantly confused. I thought she was apologizing for how things ended last time I saw her. What did she do? The question made it to my lips only to be stopped by Vic holding up a slender finger. “Wait, I have to say this,” Victoria continued. “I, um, was so mad that nobody was doing anything about the infected woman in the hospital. Nobody reacted to the ideas and information we anonymously sent. I was so sick of everything! I got an idea, a bad idea. I thought, ‘what if things had to get worse before they got better? What if fifty or so pregnant women and eleven hospitalized aren’t enough for there to be a big rush for a cure? What if there were a lot more people infected, a ton more pregnancies, a ton more in the hospital? Then lots of people would focus all efforts on making a cure. Then they won’t ignore any ideas or advice because it will no longer be a small, isolated incident that happened months ago. It will be a pressing matter, a real epidemic, an outbreak. They’ll take it seriously and rush to make a cure!’”

My face was frozen. In a horrified, monotone voice I didn’t recognize as my own I whispered, “Victoria, what did you do?”

She blushed. Her eyes watered. I could see how guilty she felt. She did something terrible. “I used the rest of the cologne... I spread it everywhere! I put some on myself, I went in public and dripped some on seats in lecture halls, on the stall walls in women’s restrooms, on the carpet of the dinning hall, the tables of the student center, the front steps of the fraternity house and the sorority house. It’s everywhere! I used all of it!”

I could see the pain in her eyes. She hated herself. It was the worst thing I’ve ever heard. I was paralyzed. My body was numb. “How... how could you?” I choked out.

Victoria broke down. She began to sob. I rushed over and hugged her. She held me tight. Her enormous tits and rounding belly pressed into my body. It was surreal, she was hugging me so close and tight, it was sweet. It was so rare that she came off as sweet. It was like she needed me. She nuzzled her face into my chest as if we were a couple. I felt the wet heat from her tears warm my chest. Her curvy figure jiggled as she cried. I stroked her silky, wavy, brown hair as she held me and squeezed me tight.

Without lifting her head off me Victoria spoke while she cried. “I’m so sorry Joey! I don’t know what’s wrong with me! I was so angry and scared, for so many reasons! Maybe it’s because I was so pissed at them not doing anything. Maybe it’s because I recently found out I’m pregnant with triplets and I don’t know what to do. I was in such a bad place. I’m so, so sorry! I’m horrible! I’m so sorry!”

“You’re... pregnant with... what!?”